It’s been a close NBA Finals series so far. The Cleveland Cavaliers, a fellow member of the Quicken Family of Companies, have been ripping up the court this entire season. After last night’s sensational Game 3, we just had to dedicate something to them. So without much further ado, here are our 10 favorite moments from the Finals so far!

Lebron Being Lebron

A true MVP, Lebron James is going to be remembered as this generation’s greatest athlete.

Wrecking the Opposition

The Cavaliers’ defense is so solid, Lebron doesn’t even need to move to grab the rebound that the Warriors’ star shooter, Stephen Curry, airballs into his hands.

Single-Handed Dunks

It might seem like Lebron is single-handedly carrying the team, but we can’t forget about…


The dark horse star of this season, Matthew Dellavedova has given the Cavaliers some amazing plays in the Finals.

Unrivaled Dedication

When Dellavedova wants something, he wants it. This Cleveland guard gives 200% and leaves fans in awe (and smiles) of his court presence.

Let’s Not Forget About the Fans

this year

Cleveland has beyond doubt proven themselves to be a Championship-level crowd.

It Hasn’t Been Easy

Kyrie Irving going out with another frustrating injury during the Finals.

Sometimes It Gets Messy

When basketball turns into football.

But With the Right Kind of Support

Cute Freethrows

The Cavs Are On Their Way!

The Protect America Team is so excited to see the Cavaliers take the NBA 2015 Championship!