Setting off your own fireworks is extremely dangerous. With New Year’s Eve coming up, we’ve decided to create a fun guide on safe alternative celebration methods that keep all the fun in counting down the clock without the hazards of fire and explosives. Skip the fire crackers this year, and welcome 2016 with cheer!


Pinatas are always exciting for people of all ages. It’s fun to hit something, break something, and get candy. Who doesn’t love that. It’s active, everyone cheers, and it’s festive. Add some color to your party with these treat-filled paper-mache pinatas!

Balloons with Confetti

You can slip confetti and/or glitter inside balloons to give them a cute look when they are inflated. If you can find clear or semi-transparent balloons, they would be ideal for this decoration. When the clock hits midnight, pop the balloons and the confetti will fly out as mini, indoor, flame-free fireworks!


Everyone (kids especially) likes making a ruckus—at least for a little bit. Noisemakers are loud, obnoxious, and silly! Make some noise to welcome the new year!

Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles

Something that is always sure to bring delight to your kids is bubbles! If you’re looking for something to do outside or with the lights down, look for bubble juice that glows in the dark! It’s double the fun, and it’s a safe way to light up the night.

Confetti Poppers

Don’t underestimate the fun and excitement of this classic New Year’s Eve tradition. Pull out the confetti poppers and pop away when the clock strikes twelve! Just make sure they aren’t aimed at each other.

Public Fireworks or Light Shows

Check what your local area has to offer. Most cities and counties hold public fireworks displays, light shows, or ball drops as a safe alternative to consumer fireworks.

Check out our full guide, filled with constellations and pretty lights, here!