It’s hard to be a successful burglar in the modern age. More and more people are moving to highly populated urban areas and home security has gone digital. Most security systems in the modern age connect directly to the cloud or WiFi and send push notifications to alert users of break-ins or out of the ordinary activity. Here is a list of six dumb burglars caught in the act by WiFi Cameras.

You would imagine that burglars would catch on to the updated tech in home security, but it seems like many of them aren’t even considering the advancements. This means the internet stores a lot of footage of burglars being caught on WiFi security cameras, oftentimes they even look directly at the camera without realizing what it is. We’ve put together six of our favorite instances of burglars being caught on WiFi cameras. 

  1. Burglars Caught by Canary

This Canary compilation of home break-ins shows many examples of burglars that lack awareness. Some of these burglars move along with their act even while alarms serenade their activity, while others move slowly and methodically through the home as if they have all of the time in the world.

The video ends with a pair of burglars who weren’t able to move quick enough, and law enforcement captures them while they are still in the act.

  1. Burglar Caught On Doorbell Camera via ABC15 Arizona 

This news segment courtesy of ABC15 Arizona tells one man’s story after his home was broken into, followed by the subsequent feelings and additional measures he took after the incident.

This video is a bit redeeming, and it seems as if the burglar might have bailed on his operation after seeing the homeowners second-wave of home security, his pit bull.

  1. ‘Ring Video Doorbell’ Helps Bust Gang Member in Home Burglary via Crime Watch Daily

This Crime Watch Daily video shows a few of the tactics that burglars will use to enter a home or simply approach the front door to steal a few packages.

The video then follows one home owner as he watches a thief in real-time, while law enforcement closes in to catch the thief in the middle of his act.

The burglar then takes off to escape law enforcement. This Crime Watch Daily video is a great example of the power of having a WiFi security system, but what if this homeowner hadn’t been watching on the smartphone? A situation like this is why monitored home security is usually the best bet, because you won’t have to rely on yourself to be watching and alert authorities to respond to a situation.

    1. Alleged Burglar Caught Stealing from Family Who Evacuated for Hurricane Matthew via Inside Edition 

This Inside Edition video catches an alleged burglar stealing from a family during a moment where they were already vulnerable — the family had evacuated due to Hurricane Matthew.

The video shows the burglar slowly maneuvering through the home looking for items to steal with only the light of her smartphone. It doesn’t appear that she gets away with much of anything, but she caught the family at one of their most vulnerable, regardless.

  1. Dropcam Catches Burglar in Action! 

This Dropcam video captures a burglar who breaks-in through what appears to be the back sliding door of the home. The burglar fiddles around while the flashlight in his mouth guides him around the house.

Fortunately, this video doesn’t seem to show the burglar getting away with too much, but of course a violation of the homeowners and their privacy. This burglar is a further example of home invaders who don’t cover their bases and fail to put forth any effort in concealing their identitiy.

  1. Nest Camera Catches Home Burglar (Also known as Dropcam)

This lengthier Nest Cam video captures a burglar from the beginning of action as she peaks through the front door, to walking throughout the house calling out and even saying “hello” to likely gauge if anyone is there.

This Nest Cam was postioned well and even the most self-aware of burgalrs (not that the examples above have been), probably wouldn’t have been able to see this perched-high camera.

The Takeaway 

A quick Google or YouTube search will pull up a number of videos directly from WiFi security systems or news outlets sharing break-ins that have been captured on cameras. It’s remarkable to see burglars move nonchalantly with so much ease throughout homes without realizing that they indeed have a pair of eyes on them — and sometimes even a voice, if you’re system allows for two-talk capabilities.

If you have any footage that captured burglars in the act caught by your Protect America system, share them with us on social media!