The technology that exists in movies tends to be way more awesome than what actually exists in real life. This is especially true, and unfortunate, with home security. Any time a home security system makes it into a movie, it always includes a moat, no less than three shark pits, and some type of fortified laser safe. This isn’t a list for the best depiction of a home security system in a movie. We were just interested in the most awesome system that could potentially be possible.

Home Alone

We here at the Security Blanket have never hidden our love of Home Alone. The time tested classic about a precocious ten-year old that must defend his home again burglars, Home Alone quickly became another classic in the John Hughes arsenal. While the movie didn’t prominently feature an actual home security system (which would have solved A LOT of problems), Kevin’s quick thinking and ingenuity gave us the most famous security system in cinema.

Highlights include tripping the burglars (known as the “Wet Bandits”) with toy cars, hitting them in the head with paint cans, and using a tarantula as a weapon. While we’ve covered the legality of Home Alone’s tactics before, many of these booby traps aren’t bad ideas. In fact, a few of them could actually work.

The Incredibles

Pixar is known for making amazing films and The Incredibles certainly follows in that tradition. The computer-animated story of a family of superheroes forced into a normal life, The Incredibles covers a wide range of topics, like responsibility, destiny, and family.

However, The Incredibles makes it onto this list because of the Omnidroid 9000, a killer defense robot designed by a supervillain to protect his lair and take over the world. This robot is a self-learning killing machine designed to subdue the main character, Mr. Incredible. While the movie was released in 2004, we won’t spoil the ending. The Incredibles might be entering classic status but that doesn’t mean we have to spoil it for anyone that hasn’t experienced this brilliant animated story.

Some readers might argue the validity of including a robot on a list of home security systems. However, if Doombas count as home security, then so does the Omnidroid.

The Italian Job

The 2003 remake of a classic 1969 British film of the same name, The Italian Job centers around a team of criminals that were betrayed by one of their own. As part of their complicated scheme, they have to rob the bad guy’s (played by Edward Norton) ridiculously secure house. This villain’s lair is decked out with the latest home security technology. Surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and round-the-clock guard supervision make the house almost impenetrable. Of course, our plucky group of criminal good guys manages to figure out a way. To be fair to the security company that installed the system, most criminals don’t have Charlize Theron to use as a distraction.

Panic Room

One of the classics of the “home security” genre, Panic Room stars Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart (in her first major role) as a mother and daughter that locks themselves in a safe room during a robbery of their new home. The burglars are looking for a once in a lifetime score but the formidable team of Foster and Steward stand in the way. Overall, the movie isn’t that bad and it proves how a quality security setup can save people’s lives. The unfortunate truth is that most people don’t have the money for a quality safe room like the one seen in the movie. Of course, this hasn’t stopped a few clever craftsmen from creating their own DIY panic rooms.