Once your home is protected, you can party in peace. We’ve put together an essential Super Bowl party guide featuring a list of 7 Super Bowl essentials to ensure your party is a winner. Even if your team doesn’t win the big game, make sure to win big with your guests.


7 Steps of the Super Bowl Party Guide

The Food
While creativity does score extra points, don’t forget to run the ball down the middle: serve your guests game-day favorites like wings, sliders, potato skins and the ever-so popular nachos. The best tip for real football fans when it comes to food is not to get too fancy. That doesn’t mean you have to ignore your inner-chief instincts either. If you want to get extra creative there will likely be guests in attendance that are hoping for more than just light beer and nachos.

The Keg
Thou shalt not run out of beer during your Super Bowl party. There’s an easy solution to this problem, just get a keg. Beer is as essential to the Super Bowl as food. One of the main concerns people have that cause hesitation for a keg is not knowing if enough people will come to finish it. The good news is, as long as the keg stays on ice, it won’t go bad. That means, go grab a few extra bags of ice because you may have a living room beer dispenser for a few extra days.

Penalty Flags
Every guest at your party deserves the right to throw a yellow flag if they see a penalty on the field – or in the living room. Depending on who the majority of your party is cheering for, the amount of flags thrown could vary greatly. As any football fan already knows, if your team is losing at any point in the game, the refs are clearly not calling the right fouls and probably need your help to throw that flag.

Prop Bets
Betting on the big game always makes things more interesting but sometimes betting on more than just the score is necessary. This means betting on everything, the more meaningless the better. Who will win the coin toss, how many yards will the return be, who will score first. Anything and everything is subject to a random bet in the super bowl with your friends and it will definitely liven up the party.

Go Big With Your TV Or Go Home
Make sure you have a really big TV. Seriously. The biggest you can get your hands on. More than likely the TV you currently have ins’t big enough, no matter how big you think it is, The reason for that is that there is no TV big enough for the Super Bowl. I would recommend asking a friend with the largest TV coming to lend it to the party for the night. Renting a TV is also an option. If you don’t have a problem with setup and wiring, a projector is an awesome option.

Rate the Commercials
It’s no mystery why everyone loves the commercials, Super Bowl commercials are great. Shouting out subjective numbers to rate them is even better. It’s like when people judge every trailer before the movie in a theater like professional critics. The commercials, other than the halftime show, are what gets everyone involved in the game. Not everyone at the party may enjoy football but they do enjoy the commercials, or at least rating them.

Child Ban
Children are great, but not in every setting. You can enjoy your kids the other 364.5 days a year, let the adults enjoy this night. With all the food, alcohol and friends mixed together, sometimes getting away from the kids is a great way to loosen up and enjoy yourself. A great option is to hire a few babysitters for all the guest’s children and have them watch the kids at one of the party guest’s homes. That way all the parents can relax, knowing their kids are fine.