The Amazon Echo is truly a revolutionary tool that has taken over people’s homes by storm. Its able to stream music, control smart bulbs, arm or disarm security systems, just to name a few. Essentially, one device that allows you to take full control of your entire connected home with simply voicing a command is quite impressive to say the least. One addition Amazon has made to Alexa that has further launched the Echo into the future is the Smart Home Skill API. Similar to having an app on your smart phone, this allows third-party developers to use the power of Alexa without native support.

As Amazon Echo sales continue to grow, Alexa skills do as well. Now with over 10,000 Alexa skills available, it can be difficult to decide exactly what you want. To better filter out the most popular skills, below is a list of the top 10 Alexa skills as listed by Amazon. Or you can simply ask the question,

“Alexa, what are your top skills?”

Reuters TV

If you’re a fan of Reuters TV then this skill is perfect for you. This skill offers a 5 minute news briefing from Reuters TV and is updated around the clock. By tapping into 2,500 journalists reporting from 200 locations worldwide, Reuters TV is the perfect skill to keep you up to date every day.


This skill is great if you enjoy playing games with Alexa. With the Jeopardy! Skill you are able to test your knowledge with new clues every weekday. By offering the “6th clue”, you are able to play the latest categories that were just on TV.


Jurassic Bark

Don’t let the name fool you, this app is non-stop fun. By using the sound of a Maltese Poodle from Seattle named Cali, your Alexa will start barking orders. The confusion it will cause your dog will bring nothing but laughter for anyone watching.

“Wanted to tease my dog. Mission accomplished” – Amazon review

Question of the Day

If you’re looking to test your wits, this skill will help leave you stumped. By asking a new trivia question every day you ask, this skill will keep you on your toes, mentally. From science to pop culture, Question of the Day will get you thinking before your coffee is ready every morning.

Ambient Sounds: Thunderstorm Sounds

While it may sound menacing, this skill is actually used as an ambient relaxing sleep sound. Even if thunderstorms may not relax you, the sound effect that plays on a loop actually helps block out unwanted noises and encourages relaxation.

Ambient Sounds: Rain Sounds

If thunderstorms are not something that causes relaxation necessary, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the same company offers Rain Sounds. This skill has essentially the exact same person as Thunderstorm Sounds but with rain.


The Magic Door

For all the story fans that crave adventure, the Magic Door skill is a great way to spend some time. This interactive adventure game offers original stories that are customized for each participant based on the choices they make. With numerous settings, characters and plots, this skill can keep you entertained for hours.

Fox News

Similar to Reuters TV, the Fox News skill offers its users the latest news. It covers a wide range of things to keep you up to date on such as politics all the way to celebrity gossip. It even offers flash briefing for those who may be in a hurry.

Sleep Sounds: Ocean Sounds

If you’re having trouble sleeping and you long for the sandy shores, this Ocean Sounds skill is perfect. It allows you to sleep peacefully by blocking out the unwanted noise or negative thoughts in your own head. It can also help you stay focused.

Find My Phone

With how much we all use our smart phones every day, who hasn’t panicked at the realization of losing a phone. Thankfully, this skill will assist you in finding that lost phone by simply calling your phone. So even if it is in the most obvious spot, you don’t have to panic anymore.