You’re standing in line at the restaurant ready to place an order for your favorite tacos, and suddenly, your phone starts buzzing. Notifications of your home motion sensor lights security sensors are going off. They’re alerting you that one of your kids vehicles has arrived in the driveway, and another sensor begins to inform you that someone is opening up the pantry.

Home security sensors can alert you about the happenings of your home, anywhere, at any time. Whether you’re being informed about a guest at the front door, or being told that your kids have left to the walk the dog.

But outside of the standard uses for security, these gadgets can be used for other fun or useful purposes around the house. Here’s our top five unique uses for motion sensor lights: 


1. Lighting Safety

The home is full of potential hazards and problem spots. Whether it’s a tricky corner, staircase, the exterior of the home, or somewhere else, motion sensor lights can be used to put a spotlight on any dangerous place in the home.

Sensors can automatically light your path as you head down the stairs, and they can light the exterior pathways of your home whenever you arrive late or go outside for some fresh air late into the night. 

2. Lighting Fun

Motion sensor lights can also be used to maintain some of the lighthearted activities going on in the home. Whether it’s lighting up the backyard for a late-night game of catch, or lighting the back driveway for the kids as they shoot some late-night hoops. 

Motion sensor lights can also be used to keep the proper lighting and control in the den or movie room. 

3. Guest Safety

Home security is all about keeping the family safe in the home, and always being conscious of who is coming, or who has arrived.

With motion sensor lights you can automate switches on your driveway, walkway, and the front door. You can connect the sensors to IP cameras so that you always have an idea of who has arrived at the front door.


4. Locking Up

There are many locations in the home that may be off limits for kids, or maybe simply need to have some additional monitoring. This could be a pantry with the goodies you want to make sure the family doesn’t have access to at times they shouldn’t, this could be the alcohol fridge or cabinet, or other areas that need additional monitoring. 

Any location in the home that you like to keep off limits at certain times, or from the kids, can be done so with motion sensor lights.

5. Monitoring the Pets

Whether your pets are left in the backyard or house after hours; or if you want to generally make sure they are safe, motion sensor lights will get the job done. Sensors can also be connected to IP cameras or your indoor cameras to keep an eye on the animals.

Lights can come on automatically at certain times, or based on weight limits, to make sure that backyards and insides of homes are lighted once the sun goes down. If you have a large backyard or an open yard, motion sensor lights can alert you if an animal ventures farther than you’d like for it to go as well.

Regardless of your needs, there’s a motion sensor use for everyone. Do you have any creative uses that we didn’t mention? Let us know on social media!