Tom Petty was known to be one of the most influential musicians of all time. His music, and lyrics, have invoked such a wide range of emotions in his listeners and continue to do so. His songs can be played as a soundtrack for all occasions. In memory of Tom Petty, we have compiled a few of our favorite songs into a Spotify playlist – ones that make you feel secure, ones that make you aware of danger, and to serve as a reminder to how important home is. Listen to the playlist below.

Our Protective Playlist

1. Breakdown

Breakdown, honey, take me through the night
Breakdown, now, I’m standing here can’t you see
Breakdown, it’s alright

2. Hurt

I walked to the window turned out the light
Looked at the city went through the night
Yeah, I stood in the darkness stood all alone
Thank God for California, thank God I’m going home

3. No Second Thoughts

Somewhere near the edge of town
She said she was torn and turned around
Can you help me cast this evil down?

4. Refugee

You don’t have to live like a refugee
Don’t have to live like a refugee
No baby you don’t have to live like a refugee
Don’t have to live like a refugee

5. Nightwatchman

I’m the nightwatchman
I am security
I’m the nightwatchman
How safe do you wanna be?

6. Insider

I’m an insider, I been burned by the fire
And I’ve had to live with some hard promises
I’ve crawled through the briars — I’m an insider

7. The Criminal Kind

‘Cause you’re the criminal kind
You’re the criminal kind
Man what you gonna do?
Where you gonna hide?

8. Lost Children

Lord keep an eye on
All these lost children
Swept away in the wind

9. Change The Locks

I changed the lock on my front door
So you can’t see me anymore
And you can’t come inside my house
And you can’t lie down on my couch
I changed the lock on my front door

10. No Reason To Cry

There’s no reason to cry
There’s no reason to cry
It’s alright

Tom Petty, your music will surely stay with us forever. You will be missed.