It’s the beginning of the year and we at The Security Blanket have decided to start 2013 with a little bit of fun. In the past, we’ve looked at ways your home security system can help you survive a zombie outbreak and the Mayan apocalypse (what a disappointment that was). This time, we decided to look at scenarios that are almost tailor made for home security systems: horror movie serial killers. From Jason to Michael Myers, these bad guys terrorize small towns and isolated summer camps almost completely unchecked. Well, no more. Here are a few ways to use your home security system to fight some of cinema’s greatest villains.

Jason Voorhees: Friday the 13th

Jason Voorhees Information

Unlike other entries on this list, Jason Voorhees started out as something of a sympathetic character. Believe it or not, Jason was not the original villain of the Friday the 13th series. His first appearance as the killer doesn’t happen until the sequel, Friday the 13th Part 2. Depicted as a slow moving and unstoppable killer, Jason has appeared in 9 movies and racked up a total kill count of 154!

How to Defeat Jason Voorhees with a Home Security System

Giving too much background info on Jason would ruin the only good movie in the series but we do know a lot about this villain’s motivations and strengths. Jason’s primarily uses surprise to attack his victims. Though murders are being committed every ten minutes, victims in the Friday the 13th series rarely think it can happen to them.

If the cabins at Camp Crystal Lake (where the first two movies take place) had wireless home security systems, Jason wouldn’t have been able to maneuver undetected so easily. Motion detectors are also easily added to home security systems which, when placed inside a residence, can detect a body over 40 lbs with suffiecient body temperature. (Author’s Note: This might not actually work with Jason as some sources suggest he’s actually dead and would, therefore, not emit body heat.) But with Jason, securing yourself is pretty straightforward… run! A home security system should give you ample warning before he garrotes you with barbed wire or bashes your skull in with a machete.

Michael Myers: Halloween

Michael Myers Information

Not to be confused with the famous SNL comedian (this actually confused me as a kid), Michael Myers differs from Jason in a few key points. He’s never linked to the supernatural and has never been sympathetic. Michael Myers is a ruthless sociopath capable of killing anyone he pleases. He’s routinely referred to as the personification of evil and kills his victims through force of will. Throughout the series, he’s routinely shot, stabbed, and drowned only to return to kill again.

How to Defeat Michael Myers with a Home Security System

Clearly, guns, knives, and explosives aren’t going to help you fight off Michael Myers. The best way to survive a Michael Myers attack is to get help as fast as possible. Characters often survive his attacks by injuring him just long enough to run. However, the shooting, stabbing, etc. is almost never done by the actual victim. In the first two films, it’s Michael’s psychiatrist that shoots or causes the explosions that allow a potential victim to escape.

A home security system will be an obvious benefit in this scenario. In general, horror movie villains are vicious and relentless without much intelligence. Advance warning from a home alarm system can help you get out of the area while calling for help. And no, Michael Myers isn’t deactivating your system with his advanced “knowledge of evil.” That’s just silly!


Leatherface Information

In my opinion, Leatherface is the most frightenting entry on this list. Despite giving his victims advance warning with his unbelievably loud chainsaw, Leatherface still managed to rack up an impressive kill total. Leatherface, along with his family, kidnapped and murdered victims traveling through their isolated Texas town.

How to Defeat Leatherface with a Home Security System

Alright, a home security system probably won’t be too much help when you’re traveling cross country. However, GPS vehicle tracking from Protect America can help you along the way. Worried that you’re traveling in a dangerous area? You can set up monitoring zones that can allow a friend or loved one to see your progress through an area. If the car stops, you know because you’ve been kidnapped by Leatherface, your location is easily found through Protect America’s interactive portal. Hey, we’re not saying it’s a perfect solution but it’s probably your best bet.

DID YOU KNOW? The current headquarters of Protect America sits on the filming site of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie.