For many people homes without shutters and closeable panels seems like a throwback to Hollywood yesteryear movies or old homes back east in 200 year old towns. The very idea of storm shutters and adjustable windows went the path of the horse buggy in many modern neighborhoods has homes began building heavily insulated detached family houses with temperature control HVAC systems and full separation from the outside. The result has been rows and rows of homes with glass panes and internal curtains or blinds for visual blockage. At best, interior shutters have been a compromise. There’s no personality to the home and no external physical protection either, except for the glass itself. That in turn creates:

  • Lots of cookie-cutter homes
  • Easy to break-in windows, and
  • No originality

Fortunately, for those who want a more substantial security benefit and a vintage look to match the desired external decor of their home, vintage security panels are still possible. While no one expects a full return to old wood window shutters one had to open and close by hand like the old 1920s homes, there are some very interesting choices available to get away from the basic large window pane look and shatter weakness inherent in plain glass.


Grid-Pattern Large Window Panels

One popular choice is the broken square-frame look. This is commonly installed with a white thin frame inset with multiple square panes of glass versus one large field. The actual frame can be fabricated from very substantial material, making the window entry essentially impossible without the help of something large to brake the multiple framework. That leaves the window secure both for any initial entry as well as a physical barrier.

Closeable Panels

A second choice involves door style shutters connected to the outside frame of the window which become closeable at night or during bad weather. This was the original idea of storm shutters to prevent flying debris from hitting the glass in the old days when it was much more fragile. The door shutter approach works extremely well with patio slide windows, for example, where the internal window can be opened from the inside and then the shutter doors can be released and set aside. This design is ideal for homes with a balcony patio window or a backyard patio window to the main bedroom design for added security versus in the standard kitchen setup. The more typical approach is a standard shutter, but some custom designs even include dutch door styles.

Wrought Iron

A third approach involves the wrought iron look, a very vintage appearance dating back to the 1900s and earlier. This classic look infuses the window panes artfully between the wrought iron pattern, again combining visual ability to see through a physical barrier that cannot be easily passed without some serious tools and damage that would be quickly noticed.


Vintage window panels are not for everyone or home design. Obviously, some modern homes simply won’t gel with the approach. However, where there’s a fit, vintage security panels give homeowners an entirely different look and feel for a home while still retaining effective physical security on top of the inherent alarm system inside. That kind of combination actually gives a homeowner a double advantage versus his modern home peer in comparison. If interested in monitored home security and setting up vintage window replacements, get a free quote from Protect America. Whether you’re looking for remote check-in and automation, award-winning home security, or fire and environment protection, we’ve got you covered.