So, your house has been sitting on the market for a while and there have been little to no showings. What gives? There’s plenty you can do to make your home more marketable and appealing to prospective buyers. Overall, if your home isn’t selling, here are three issues that may be a factor.


It’s priced incorrectly.

Buyers are more intuitive than you think about what their dollar is worth. If your home is costing more than properties of a similar value in the same area, people will take notice. Ultimately, they will go with the deal that is worth their money. Buyers are more intuitive than you think.

When your home isn’t getting enough showings, a high price is the #1 culprit. In this case, please listen to your realtor and agree to price your home more competitively, especially if time is of the essence. When your listing is at a fair price, you’ll maximize your chances at getting more showings.

Photos of your home are low quality.

If your home’s main photos look unprofessional or cast your home in an unflattering light, buyers will run the opposite direction. Over 94% of buyers look online for homes. This means that they browse through photos and listing information before even setting foot on the property.

To entice buyers, you need to show off your home’s best features. If your home’s price is right and you’re still not getting many showings, you should revisit your home’s photos. Be honest with yourself. Do they look good?

If not, get professional help to make your home shine. A professional home stager can make the most of your home’s interior while a photographer can take photos of your home in the right lighting and angles. As a result, you should get the best looking photos possible of your home.


Your home isn’t setting the right mood.

If your home has the right price and stunning photos, you should have interested buyers visiting your home. Now, the next step is appealing to your buyers’ senses. Are buyers visiting a messy house? Is there still the smell of your seafood dinner lingering in the air? Is the dog barking incessantly?

When people come to see your home, they set aside precious time to do so. Make their first impression right by making sure they enter a clean and orderly space. Clear out all the clutter and do your best to create a calm environment.

Make arrangements to keep your pets out of sight. Dogs especially should be kenneled or at a dog day care during these visits if you’re not home. Hang a few air fresheners to make your home smell great.

When your buyers get a great impression of your home, they may just be ready to make it their future home.

Great security is an added bonus.

Letting in many buyers to your home can be stressful. However, having a solid home security system with Protect America can help put you at ease. To find out more about our security system solutions, contact us. You can also get a free quote today!