If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering whether a home security system is the right choice for you and your family.  Dwellings that lack a security system are up to 300% more likely to be burglarized.   Alarm systems have evolved considerably over the years and offer more advantages than you might think.  Keep reading to discover what a residential security system can do for you.

1.  Round-the-clock protection

You can’t monitor your home all the time, but a high-quality security system can keep track of what’s happening on the premises 24/7.  Whether you’re going out of town or just around the corner to grab a cup of coffee, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is always protected.

2.  Lower insurance rates

Insurance companies see homes with security systems as less of a liability, so your premiums may go down.

3.  Tax write-offs for home-based businesses

A security system can help you save money in other ways too.  If you operate a business out of your home, you may be able to write off the cost of your alarm system.  Check with your local and state governments to see if there are any stipulations that could grant you a discount at tax time.


4.  Comprehensive monitoring

Many of today’s systems are capable not only of picking up on intruders but detecting other emergencies as well.  Sensors are activated when other issues arise, such as:

  • smoke and heat
  • carbon monoxide
  • broken glass
  • flooding

Alarms alert you of the danger so you can escape quickly or call for help.

5.  Easy access to emergency personnel

Many security systems allow you to contact first responders at the touch of a button.  Additionally, most home security companies will contact you if an alarm sounds in your home.  If they don’t get a response, they’ll promptly alert emergency personnel.  This is especially valuable if some one breaks into your home while you’re away or are unable to call for help during an emergency.

6.  Virtual, Real-time Access

Most companies are capitalizing on the advancements of the digital age and catering to increasingly tech-savvy customers by offering home security systems that operate via the Internet.  That gives you the ability to see what’s going on in your home at all times and control your system’s settings remotely.

7.  Remote Monitoring of Other Home Systems

While we’re on the topic of technology, this is a good time to point out that many home security systems allow for remote monitoring of other systems as well, often from your computer or smartphone.  So if you forget to turn off the lights or air conditioner before going on vacation, you can just open an app and do it from your phone, hundreds of miles from home.

8.  Stopping intruders in their tracks

Most would-be burglars think twice when they see a security sticker posted on a door or window.  Nine out of ten burglars admit that they won’t target a home that is protected.

9.  Security systems aren’t just for homeowners

Renters can, and should, invest in a residential alarm system.  Security systems that can be easily moved from one place to another are especially well-suited to renters.


10.  Protection for more than just your home

If you have a residential security system, your neighbors may hear when an alarm sounds in your home.  Not only can they take steps to help you if this occurs, but they can become more aware of security risks in the community, which may prompt them to take additional precautions to protect themselves and their properties, too.  The New York Times reports:

A study released last year by the School of Criminal Justice at Rutgers University found that the real value of security systems was that they protected entire neighborhoods. The study, which focused on Newark from 2001 to 2005, found that residential break-ins decreased as the density of alarms in an area increased.

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