A home security camera is an ideal way for people to keep their home secure, as well as protecting their family and valuables. An additional advantage is that a security camera acts as a deterrent for criminal behavior, such as theft, vandalism or burglary. However, not all cameras operate in the same way or provide the same benefits. It’s important to know how the camera will be used prior to spending the money.


Security Camera Options

Amazon offers an EZVIZ 1080P Outdoor Surveillance System that includes customized advanced motion detection. The benefit of the motion detection feature is that a homeowner can be notified immediately when there is any movement detected. A notification is sent to the homeowners Smartphone or Android. There can also be a designated person to receive the notifications other than the homeowner, for isolated situations that are necessary, such as being out of the country. The EZVIZ full 1080P recording allows for 4-critical points that are designated in the home. Interested in a free quote for a monitored home security system from Protect America? Get an instant quote with zero obligation.

Burglars rarely take a day off from their crime sprees, and they are watching and waiting for the opportune time to seize upon valuables.

Monitoring With a 1080P Security Camera vs. Professional Monitoring

When a homeowner chooses a 1080P security camera for monitoring, they’re taking the added responsibility of protecting their home and property. There are key benefits of a professionally monitored home security system over a self-monitoring system, which include:

  • A professional home monitoring system is staffed with trained individuals who know how to respond to intrusions.
  • There is less anxiety with knowing the property is being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A professional home monitoring system may reduce homeowners insurance.

Choosing Protect America for monitored home security gives a homeowner 24/7 continuous protection for their family and property. Protect America is a well-established company and has provided home security monitoring since 1992. With nine Best Buy Awards from Consumer Digest, the company provides a substantial cost-saving opportunity with $1,400 in free equipment with each required contract. There is never an installation fee with a Protect America home security monitoring system – Ever! As the 14th largest residential home security company in the U.S., Protect America offers a price match guarantee. If you can find a better deal – the company will match it – Period! And its the only home security company to offer a lock-in rate.

With a Protect America home security monitoring installation, the following benefits are also included:

  • An ongoing commitment to quality customer support.
  • Affordable plans that start as low as $30 per month.
  • The full disclosure of a closed-end contract.


Useful Tips After Buying a 1080P Home Security Camera

Even with a 1080P surveillance system, it’s still important that homeowners keep in mind the vulnerabilities of everyday living. Burglars rarely take a day off from their crime sprees, and they are watching and waiting for the opportune time to seize upon valuables.

Extra precautions should be taken, such as:

  • Never post vacation plans on social media.
  • Use security posting signs throughout the property.
  • Enlist the help of neighbors to watch for unusual activity around the home.
  • Use automated lights inside the home that turn on and off throughout the night.
  • Limit window access to criminals by closing blinds and curtains while away.

Whether a 1080P home security camera is a beneficial choice largely depends on how much value is placed on having 24/7 home monitoring for the protection of family and property.