Almost all parents are constantly looking for ways to keep their children protected by providing a safe home environment. This is a challenge, especially for parents of children with special needs who may require some extra precautions. For example, some very clever children have a tendency to go outside, wander off and get lost. This is a scary thought for any parent but can become even more frightening when a child is nonverbal, and unable to communicate with anyone who may be able to help them. Any parent would want to prevent that scenario.


Note the following tips to help ensure that you will be able to safeguard your children.

Install a Security System

It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure their children’s safety. Some children need more supervision than others and require more care. It is up to the parents, who know their child best, to decide what level of care and supervision is needed. Children, especially those for example, with autism, have a tendency to wander. This can be very dangerous because they can wander outside and away from home and suddenly, they are lost. Prevent this scary and dangerous situation from ever happening by installing a security system that will alert you whenever a door is opened while the system is armed, such as when you are sleeping at night. For added safety, add video surveillance to your home security system. This will allow you to monitor your child while you are in different areas of the home. Many models allow you the convenience of viewing the camera footage on your phone so you do not even need to be near the house to view what is happening. Such a security system will offer you peace of mind and help your family by:

  • Allowing you to work outside or take a stroll while your child is napping
  • Ensuring caregivers are acting appropriately while you are away
  • Allowing you to control the system remotely

Such a security system has so many benefits and the peace of mind will allow you and your family to enjoy life without constantly worrying.

Make Home Modifications

If your child requires the use of a wheelchair, then you may need to make some home modifications to ensure they can safely get around your home. All parts of the home should be accessible to your child. That may sound daunting, but many modifications can be done without the help of a professional and can cost less than you think. Your child’s physical or occupational therapist may be able to offer some helpful suggestions. This website suggests popular modifications such as:

  • Installing ramps
  • Widening doors
  • Lowering countertops
  • Installing grab bars, shower seats and walk-in bathtubs
  • Installing an elevator or stair glide
  • Install Cabinet Locks

Everyone has cleaning products and other necessary but potentially harmful substances that are kept around the house. Ideally, these should be stored in a garage or shed. But, if that is not possible, keep these products stored in a locked cabinet. Children are very curious by nature. They like to inspect unfamiliar objects and don’t realize when danger is a threat. Therefore, parents must be extra careful to put away all cleaning supplies and other harmful substances after each use. According to, around 800,000 children are rushed to emergency rooms every year because of poisoning. Tragically, approximately 30 of those children die as a result of poisoning. Therefore, parents must heed the warning and keep these poisonous products out of the reach of children.


There is nothing more important to a parent that protecting their children. The one place where children should always be safe is their own home. By following the safety tips mentioned, your family will be closer to feeling free from worry and will be able to enjoy quality time spent together.

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