Even celebrities have to think about home security. Last Wednesday, singer Kelly Clarkson, her husband, and her kids were in their rented Los Angeles home when they stepped out for the evening. They came back to a ransacked home and her children’s closets had been rummaged through. The entire incident was captured on camera.

How could this have been prevented? We have a few suggestions:

1. Invest in a reliable home security company. Clarkson obviously already had some sort of surveillance system as she was able to review the recorded robbery. However, looking into a company that will monitor your house 24/7 will grant you peace of mind. You can go throughout your day knowing that if anything happens while you’re not home, you and the authorities will be notified immediately.

2. Let potential burglars know that your home is being protected with signs. Most security companies’ protection packages come with some sort of yard sign or window decals.

The presence of these signs and decals have been proven to reduce crime significantly, as thieves know right away that breaking into these monitored houses is even more risky and difficult than those that are not protected.

3. Consider buying a video doorbell. If any motion were to occur in the front of the house, video doorbells light up and send an alert to your smartphone, letting you know that someone is there. These also serve as deterrents to thieves.

4. Place outdoor cameras and motion-activated lights near possible entrances to your house. Once again, visible outdoor cameras serve as deterrents to thieves, and motion-activated lights will certainly scare anyone assuming the darkness can help cover them as they attempt to break in.

5. If these outdoor defenses somehow all fail, make sure you have indoor security cameras at the ready. Not only should you make sure that you have these cameras, but it’s also wise to make sure that you are able to monitor the cameras remotely, from your phone or other device. If possible, set up preferences to receive alerts when motion is detected so you can see what’s going on. Buying a camera that allows for two-way talk is also a good idea: If you see the burglar on your screen, you can scare them away verbally, simultaneously letting them know that they’re being watched and that authorities are on the way.

Everyone needs to consider their home security, as Kelly Clarkson’s situation proves. Here at Protect America, we care about your safety and offer the best home security solutions for you and your family based on what you want. Contact us now for a free price quote.