Taking care of a newborn baby can be frightening, especially for new parents. The thought of leaving any risks that puts your baby in danger can be daunting. It’s humanly impossible to keep all eyes on your baby at all times, but with new technology and proper security measures, you can make sure your beloved newborn is always safe. New parents can keep their minds at ease by installing the right gadgets in their baby room and home.


Here’s a few steps you can take to keep your baby room safe and secure:

Installing a baby monitor

This may already seem obvious, but a high quality baby monitor is crucial to not only monitoring your baby’s safety, but their well being as well. Getting a baby monitor with both video and audio feeds is important. It’s best to get a monitor that can video zoom up to 4x and audio that lets you hear your baby breathe. Having a smart baby monitor that can send notifications to your smartphone will instantly warn you when your baby cries or is hungry if you’re on the other side of the house. Check if the monitor has infrared night vision LED so that you can check on your baby even when it’s dark.

An infant smart sock

This may sound a little over-the-top, but having a wearable piece of tech like the smart sock can monitor your infant’s heart rates and oxygen levels when they’re asleep. This is an excellent accessory if your newborn is dealing with any health issues, as the sock can send your smartphone notifications when there’s abnormality in your baby’s vitals.

Your infant’s safety is a priority, and smart technology can assist you in protecting them even when you’re asleep.


Installing a home security system

The best way to make sure your baby is is safe from break-ins is to install an interactive home security system. Having window and motion sensors near entry points all over the house, and especially the baby room, will warn you if there are intruders when you’re sleeping or far from the nursery. On top of the baby monitor, having an extra indoor camera to guard the doors and windows can help keep an eye on any blind spots. Having an interactive, professionally monitored system can not only send alerts to your smartphone when there’s an intruder but can notify authorities to respond to an emergency instantaneously. Companies like Protect America offer interactive systems to keep your home not only connected, but fully protected as well.

Make sure your infant’s nursery and new home is safe and sound from any risks. Find out how you can protect your home with Protect America by getting a free quote here.