Luxury Closets, Jewel Thieves and Houston Socialites

…This story has it all. Remember that burglary where $1M in jewelry, watches and designer hand bags were stolen from a woman’s three-story mega closet? It appears the thief is now sending items to the press to prove that he/she is the real burglar.


Theresa Roemer’s famed three-story closet (photo by the Houston Chronicle)

Theresa Roemer, a Houston socialite and owner of a highly-publicized three story closet, was stunned to receive calls from the thief after he/she broke into her home and stole a million dollars’ worth of high-end accessories. The supposed thief also contacted a local newspaper reporter and claimed that the items he stole are ‘worthless’.

After he unsuccessfully tried to extort $500,000 from Roemer to get her property back, the burglar sent an envelope with some of the items (proving that he is the real thief) to a Houston area reporter.

So let’s recap

A Larger-than-life closet is the subject of media attention because of it’s amazing luxury, jewelry and handbag collection. Someone then breaks in while the owners leave for dinner and do not set the alarm. The thief steals $1M in items, then unsuccessfully tries to pawn them off. He then calls the victim to demand $500,000 in cash to return the items. When that fails, he contacts the Houston press and sends them proof that he is the real burglar.

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but we’re certain of one thing; it pays to use your security system, no matter what kind of home you have!


Cover Photo by Chinh Phan