Supported by the National Crime Prevention Council, National Crime Prevention Month (NCPM) is held every October to help raise awareness about crime prevention tactics and civic involvement. Throughout the month, neighborhood watch groups and government agencies team up to hold meetings and distribute materials that help people make their communities safer. Best known for McGruff the Crime Dog and his widely recognized catchphrase, “Take a Bite Out of Crime”, the National Crime Prevention Council recently launched a certification program in crime prevention that’s available to law enforcement professionals and normal citizens.

About National Crime Prevention Month

Founded in 1984, NCPM was originally intended to bring together various elements of local communities to help prevent crime. Every year since then, law enforcement, businesses, and citizens have joined forces to raise awareness about specific crimes and how they can be prevented. The first NCPM focused on preventing run-of-the-mill crimes, like burglary. Today, NCPM tries to educate people about a much broader range of criminal activity, such as mortgage fraud, identity theft, cyberbullying, and more.

National Crime Prevention Month Activities and Initiatives

There are a lot of ways to get involved in NCPM in your area or neighborhood. If your area has an active homeowners association or neighborhood watch group, they will most likely be holding meetings or distributing literature about crime prevention. For the most part, there are no national events held during NCPM. Meetings and education sessions are organized at the local level by committed volunteers. Some local organizations and police agencies might arrange for demonstrations and lectures at schools. These appearances usually include an appearance by McGruff, which is usually a local police officer dressed in a large, Styrofoam dog costume.

National Crime Prevention Council Initiatives and Campaigns

The National Crime Prevention Council is extremely active outside of NCPM initiatives. The council seeks to raise awareness of new crimes, in addition to protecting communities against traditional dangers, like robbery and assault. Along with NCPM, the National Crime Prevention Council spends October preparing children for Halloween by offering safety tips and centers for examining candy.

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