It’s the last day of the year, and it truly has been a game-changing year for Protect America. Not only have we become a much larger company, we have also changed a lot of things about our business; internally and with our customers. Here are just a few highlights from the past year.

“A Great Year for Protect America”


In January, we began to brainstorm ideas to improve all aspects of our business. From our website to the everyday procedures our home security representatives take with our customers, we formulated a plan to make Protect America better. We also began to implement features to our website which better helped our customers find products and information they may have been searching for. We tweaked a few things to ensure our website was running a lot faster for everyone. We knew that a significant impact could be made by making a few minor changes.

Protect America also launched the Pay It Forward program. A social good and charity initiative at Michigan State University which gave students a platform to help charities in their community.


In February Protect America sought out to make its marketing plan more current, creative and relative. At the time, the “Sh*t People Say” videos from YouTube had begun to gain popularity and were going viral. So Protect America decided to join in on the fun and created, “Sh*t Burglars Say.” The video became very popular and reached over 200,000 people! That was a lot more than we expected, and we reached a lot of people who had never even thought about home security. To us, educating people about home security is priceless.


Continuing our efforts to better our overall customer experience, we realized that providing our customers with important detailed information in every way possible would not only help the installation process, but also help properly educate our customers as well. We released a set of video tutorials on our YouTube channel to provide everyone (even non-customers) valuable information about their home security system.


We launched The Security Blanket! The first-ever Protect America Blog that includes information about home security, home security news, and useful facts about the home security industry including reviews. Actually this article you’re reading now is located on our blog. This was another one of our goals and has helped provide useful information to countless visitors across the internet. In addition to our blog, Protect America released a recap video about the Protect America Pay It Forward Challenge at MSU for Spring 2012.


In May we put together a fun and exciting campaign called, “Protect All The Things.” Protect All The Things was a fun, informative way to get people involved with home security. The campaign included a website, a sweepstakes giveaway on Facebook, and a video we put together. The website features the video and all of the information surrounding the campaign. Visit the site here: – For the sweepstakes, we had Facebook fans create a security themed meme and post it to our wall. The best meme won a Nintendo 64 with 2 controllers and a few games! The video we put together (found here) actually went viral! With over 1 MILLION views, the campaign was a great success altogether. Protect America had never done such an elaborate campaign.

In addition, Protect America announced its rank as the 8th largest residential home security company in the nation published by the 2012 SDM Magazine, a publication specializing in the home security industry.


June was another great month for Protect America. We released a social network monitoring app that allowed parents to monitor their children’s activities on social networks. We dubbed the new application Social Firefly. The application also monitors text messaging and will detect foul language or picture sharing in Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. The application is available in the Google Play store and online at


Halfway through the year, Protect America acquired one of the most valuables assets to our company yet. We hired a new Executive Vice President, Scott Fleming, who has more than a decade of experience in sales and marketing. Not only did Scott bring game-changing ideas to the company, but he also revamped sales initiatives, business development, and marketing to spearhead the competition. With Scott’s expertise and leadership, Protect America gained even more momentum to finish the year off strong. Scott has not only affected our business in a positive way, but has also energized the Protect America culture for all employees.


For the second time in 2012, Protect America launched the Pay It Forward Challenge at MSU for fall semester students. With the help of the marketing team, the challenge was even greater this time around. We were able to build a website for the challenge to amplify our efforts and integrated a point tracking system to build friendly competition between the student teams. Collectively, the students were able to collect and donate almost $20,000 to the charity of their choosing. Here is a video update of the Pay It Forward Challenge Fall 2012 at MSU.


In September, Protect America added a few more key members to its Web, Marketing and Business departments. In acquiring new talent internally, we dedicated a lot of these resources to servicing our new and existing customers. Collectively, we developed creative ideas that would better help our customer’s experience. Some of these ideas have already been implemented while others are being prepared for 2013.


October was a very exciting month for Protect America! We celebrated twenty years of protecting homes and families! Yes, Protect America has been around since 1992 and continues to grow into one of the largest, most recognized and best home security companies in the nation. Twenty years is definitely a milestone and thanks to our loyal customers, we continue to grow and look forward to another twenty.

In honor of this milestone, we decided to offer our customers our “Best Deal Ever.” A $19.99/month industry-shocking rate that allowed us to protect thousands of families and their homes. All at an affordable price.

We also were able to sponsor the Austin Zoo for the annual Boo at the Zoo event. The event involved families and children dressing up in their Halloween costumes to visit the zoo and experience it like never before. October is also National Crime Prevention month, and Protect America was delighted to provide our customers and online visitors with information on how to stay safe with articles on The Security Blanket.


We kicked off November by announcing our official sponsorship with Crime Stoppers Case Files. Protect America supports a national broadcast that aids in the capture of burglars and people who have committed crimes. As a home security company, we want to promote the welfare and security of everyone throughout the country. The partnership includes cities and areas like South Florida, Chicago, Northeast Ohio and Southern California.


December has been a great month to say the least. Our company has not only grown with the amount of people we have been able to employ, but also with the amount of homes we have been able to protect. Both of which keeps us moving each and everyday. To date, we have over 300 employees at our corporate office in Austin, Texas and have protected over half a million homes. We have a lot of things in the works at Protect America and are excited for you to see them in 2013. Our new packaging design for example is just a glimpse of what is to come. Let’s just say we’re thinking out-of-the-box. Say goodbye to the old home security companies and hello to Protect America-the future of home security.

On behalf of our Protect America home security family, we want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!