At Protect America, we’ve put together a list of the 10 cities in Wyoming with the lowest burglary rates.

We call these cities “Burglary Safe Zones.” We’ve also made a list of the 10 cities in Wyoming with the highest burglary rates. We call these cities “Burglary Hot Spots.”

Our lists are based on data from the recent FBI Uniform Crime Report. We only counted cities that submitted burglary data.

2016 Wyoming Burglary Safe Zones

  1. Thermopolis
    • Population 3,024, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: Thermopolis is home to Hot Springs State Park, the largest mineral hot springs on Earth.
  2. Glenrock
    • Population 2,586, Burglaries 1
    • Town trivia: In 1923, a passenger train fell through a washout, killing 30 passengers, making it the worst railroad accident in Wyoming’s history.
  3. Afton
    • Population 1,982, Burglaries 2
    • Town trivia: Afton’s main street is home to a 75-foot arch made out of 3,011 elk antlers.
  4. Jackson
    • Population 10,668, Burglaries 15
    • Town trivia: Jackson elected the first all-woman city government in 1920, giving Wyoming the nickname, the “Equality State.”
  5. Evansville
    • Population 2,888, Burglaries 5
    • Town trivia: The site of a mysterious cemented cross in Evansville is in honor of the first Wyoming female to die in an aviation crash.
  6. Evanston
    • Population 12,146, Burglaries 22
    • Town trivia: Evanston was named after James E. Evans, surveyor for the Union Pacific Railroad.
  7. Lander
    • Population 7,677, Burglaries 14
    • Town trivia: Lander is home to the first paid rodeo.
  8. Laramie
    • Population 32,375, Burglaries 60
    • Town trivia: Laramie gained media attention after Matthew Shepard, a gay student at the Univerity of Wyoming, was murdered.
  9. Worland
    • Population 5,335, Burglaries 11
    • Town trivia: The county that Worland is located in, Washakie County, is named after Chief Washakie of the Shoshoni Indian Tribe.
  10. Douglas
    • Population 6,503, Burglaries 14
    • Town trivia: Douglas was the home of a World War II internment camp.

2016 Wyoming Burglary Hot Spots

  1. Moorcroft
    • Population 1,042, Burglaries 16
    • Town trivia: In the Old Gaelic language, Moorcroft means “Cottage on the Plains.”
  2. Mills
    • Population 3,750, Burglaries 33
    • Town trivia: Major routes on the Oregon and Mormon trail crossed through Mills, Child’s and the Poison Spider.
  3. Wheatland
    • Population 3,666, Burglaries 31
    • Town trivia: Water is considered the lifeblood of Wheatland.
  4. Sundance
    • Population 1,252, Burglaries 8
    • Town trivia: American Criminal Harry Longabaugh of the Wild Bunch gang received his nickname, Sundance Kid, after stealing a horse on his attempt to head west.
  5. Riverton
    • Population 11,013, Burglaries 70
    • Town trivia: Rock art, petroglyphs, created by Native Americans can be seen at Riverton Castle Gardens.
  6. Cody
    • Population 9,789, Burglaries 51
    • Town trivia: Cody calls itself the “Rodeo Capital of the World.”
  7. Cheyenne
    • Population 63,619, Burglaries 289
    • Town trivia: Cheyenne participates in the Sister Cities program, and is sister cities to places like Taichung, Taiwan and Lourdes, France.
  8. Pine Bluffs
    • Population 1,150, Burglaries 5
    • Town trivia: In the 1900s, Pine Bluffs was known as the best lighted city.
  9. Greybull
    • Population 1,874, Burglaries 7
    • Town trivia: Greybull is named after its river, which takes its name from an albino buffalo the Indians held sacred.
  10. Torrington
    • Population 6,762, Burglaries 24
    • Town trivia: Michael Punke, author of The Revenant, was born and raised in Torrington.

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