By 2020, the home security market is expected to increase by over 47 billion dollars. A lot of this can be attributed to how convenient the new wireless systems are to install as well at home security equipment’s affordability. High end security systems usually include alarms and cameras, but if you’re looking at extreme security for businesses they will usually include guards, dogs and real time video surveillance.


Even the most advanced systems on the market are still going to be subject to human error. That’s why security companies are scrambling to come up with a way to use artificial intelligence to solve the security industries vulnerabilities once and for all.

Is AI Home Security Risky?

The main concern in any industry when it involves AI is always going to be privacy. AI has to record data in order to evolve and collecting personal data is always a risk. For example, say your AI is collecting data and creates a bias in its security algorithm based on a protected group. Now your company or you’re your home could be legally liable for something your AI did on its own!

Despite the risks, using AI in home security promises better home security at a fraction of the price. So of course it’s worth it, we just have to be careful how it is implemented.

Robotic Monitoring and Facial Recognition

For now, professionally monitored security where a real person monitors your home 24/7 is still the most cost effective and secure method of home security. However, most systems these days include some type of HD camera system. One of the newer innovations in AI security is equipping these camera systems with facial recognition software that creates a database of known visitors and alerts you if someone you don’t know is on your property. Not only would this implementation increase your systems ability to detect intruders, but it would also decrease the number of false alarms.

Cameras aren’t the only devices that will connect to a robotic monitoring system. If you have a glass break detector from Protect America then you’re using a type of artificial intelligence to detect when glass has been broken. These systems use sound and have been trained to tell the difference between a window breaking and a glass dish falling and breaking on the ground. Eventually all of your sensors like door and window sensors, motion sensors and even humidity sensors are going to connect to a central AI and be able to detect patterns giving you some extreme security. Doubtless these systems will dramatically reduce un-convicted home invasions in the near future dramatically.

Issues with AI Security

AI enhanced security cameras are far from a perfected technology. You can look back a few years in 2015 when Google was having issues with their image-recognition photo app.

“Google continued to apologize Wednesday for a flaw in Google Photos, which was released to great fanfare in May, that led the new application to mistakenly label photos of black people as “gorillas.”

The good news is that facial recognition has improved dramatically since then. You still have to consider other factors when it comes to security surveillance like the time of day. It’s a lot harder for a camera to recognize you in the middle of the night for example. To avoid AI mistakes right now the best way to go about it is to mix automation with professional human monitoring.

If your security system’s professional monitoring station is only alerted when an unrecognized person on your property then you could avoid false alarms due to AI limitations while at the same time improving the cost effectiveness of the monitoring center. That would likely lower the cost of having professional monitoring. After all, once AI is implemented, it has virtually zero overhead.

Home Security Today

The future of home security is an exciting prospect, but for now having professionally monitored security with wireless Z-Wave smart home connectivity is still the most cost effective solution for the average home owner. If you’re interested in picking up a professionally monitored self-install system Protect America is going to have the lowest prices and offer the most up-front equipment for free. Not to mention they have a locked in rate that will never change as long as you’re a customer. Get a free quote with Protect America today!