Dogs are definitely man’s best friends, but they may not be man’s best option when it comes to home security. It is easy to see why many people wrongfully assume their pets are a form of protection. After all, dogs are, by nature, strong, smart and loyal. That combination represents what people want most out of their home security system: something that they can rely on to protect them and their belongings, take measured and appropriate actions, and still not require a particularly high degree of maintenance. Nonetheless, critical consideration regarding the benefits and disadvantages of using a pet to protect your home strongly suggests that you shouldn’t rely on a dog for your home security needs.


A dog, ultimately, is going to require far more maintenance than an automated home security system. Dogs need to be fed, bathed, given occasional medical attention, exercised and, above all else, given love and attention. There’s nothing wrong with these things; pet ownership, and all facets of it, are a great privilege. But if you’re looking to purchase something to secure your home, it may be better to steer clear from anything with four legs. Protect America’s home security systems are affordable, reliable and guaranteed for as long as a customer remains enrolled in our alarm monitoring service. Plus, they’ll never leave a mess in the house for you to clean up.

Canine Quality of Life

As much as a pet provides enjoyment to it’s owner and family, this relationship isn’t a one-way street. If you’re expecting a dog to protect your home against intruders or other dangers, the odds are that you’re negatively impacting it’s quality of life. Regrettably, many people who have pets strictly for security purposes  train them to be violent if an outsider enters the home. Teaching an animal to be aggressive in certain situations is, more likely than not, going to make them slightly more aggressive and anxious at all times. As a result, the processes that people put their pets through for the benefit of additional security end up harming their pets.

Your Liability

An interesting point is raised through the prior consideration of a dog’s quality of life. If your dog ownership is strictly for the benefit of some additional home security, odds are that you’ve trained your dog to react in a specific manner in the event of a burglary or other home invasion. Again, while there certainly does exist a value in this, it’s worth considering your role in the events that would follow such an interaction. If your dog does end up harming another human, regardless of whether or not that person was in your home legally, you could be held liable for any injuries that person sustains. Logic would dictate that a dog trained to keep people out of a home might not be the friendliest in public, either, which led to legal problems for a Norfolk, Virginia man this April. A security system simply contacts the proper authorities, leaving you with minimal liability.