We write frequently on this site about the benefits and dangers inherent in keeping a spare house key hidden around your home. While there are certainly benefits to having a key hidden that you can access in the event of a lockout, it’s worth noting the considerable disadvantages posed by most hiding places. Leaving a key outside means that it can be accessed by parties other than yourself, while keeping a hidden key inside just doesn’t make much sense at all. While we’re sure that your faux rock hide-a-key has served you well over the years, it’s time to upgrade to some more sensible secret spots. Check out these three safe places to keep your spare house key, and remember to log on to www.protectamerica.com for all of your home security and automated monitoring needs.

Inside your vehicle

We’re surprised that more people don’t come up with this idea on their own. If you consider all of the factors involved, it just makes sense. For example: if you’re in a situation where you’re locked out of your home, the odds are decent that you’re coming back from somewhere else in your car when you realize this. If that is indeed the case, then you may have been driving to get home, which would imply that you have your car keys and can access the interior of your vehicle. Of course, many people keep their house keys on the same key ring as their car keys. While this is simple, it means that someone finding them immediately has access to both, which is not ideal. Consider hiding a house key inside your car and leaving a spare car key with a trusted friend or neighbor who lives nearby. The safety that you gain from this is worth the few extra minutes it will take to regain entrance to your home.

At your place of employment

If you don’t have the benefit of working from home, then you may want to consider keeping a spare house key at your office. Unless your commute is truly horrendous, you should be able to double back to work and pick up the key if you find yourself locked out after work one day. This is particularly effective for those who work in the same town that they reside in. Of course, you’ll want to consider whether or not you’re able to gain access to your place of employment after hours before acting on this suggestion.

At the gym

Besides work, home and wherever the kids need to go, the gym is (hopefully) one of the few other places you frequent on weekdays. If you have a dedicated locker at your fitness center, then consider storing a spare house key there for emergencies. It’s perfect in that your key will be kept under, well, lock and key when you aren’t around and also in that most people will have selected a gym near their home. If you don’t use a gym, consider keeping a key on you during your workout regimens elsewhere at all times. Many products, such as armbands, water bottles and running belts now come with key holsters, and this way you’ll always have a spare on you when you’re leaving the home to work out, which minimizes your risk of being locked out in the first place.