So you’ve made the decision to outfit your residence with a home security system. First and foremost, congratulations. You’ve decided to invest in equipment that could save your family money while also ensuring their safety, a wise choice. Nonetheless, you may want to hold off on the celebration for a little while yet. There’s still a good amount that you’ll need to consider and act on in order to make the most informed security purchases for your home. Make sure that you’ve taken care of these three things before you cross “home security” off of your to-do list.

Determine your needs

As is the case with any purchase for your home, it’s easy to rush into buying different components of a home security system without actually having a firm understanding of what you need. Take a few days to carefully consider the dimensions, entry points, strengths and weaknesses of your home. Do any parts stand out to you as being particularly vulnerable to home invasion? For example, if the first floor of your home has large or ​easy-to-access windows, then you’ll want to consider investing in our door and window sensors. To ensure you don’t overlook any potential coverage, go through our entire catalog of products and determine what you definitely do not need, then build a comprehensive home security package from what remains.

Look into city ordinances

Though not true of all places, many cities or towns will require you to obtain a permit in order to have a home security system installed in your house. A woman in Mesa, Arizona was recently assessed a fine by the city for not having a permit for her system, even though the installers had never indicated to her that she needed anything of the sort. Make sure that you get in touch with someone from your city who can provide you with this information. Anyone from your local municipal ordinances office should be able to help you with this. If you determine that you do need a permit, this process may involve an inspector from the city coming out to your home to observe the installation of your system.

Discuss it with your family

While not exactly a mind-blowing topic to most people, developing a home security system in your residence is a relatively major decision, and it has an impact on the whole family. You’ll want to make sure that everyone living with you understands the motivation behind making the choice, how the equipment functions, and what their role is in its upkeep and use. This is particularly true if you have young children, as they are somewhat more likely to be jarred by the change. Approach the conversation from an informed perspective, though, and it should go swimmingly.