Stockings hang over a slowly-churning fire. The winter cold occasionally howls into the home when the front door opens, and the dark of the season takes over early into the night. The Christmas tree is decorated with ornaments, many have hung there for years, and presents are beginning to congregate underneath the pine needles. Almost everything but chestnuts on an open fire are alerting you of the holiday season.

The holidays bring a myriad of emotions, like nostalgia, warmth, comfort, community and fellowship. For this time of the year, everyone is focused on family, giving thanks, and enjoying the simple comforts and pleasures of life. During the holiday season, there’s no better way to kick start the emotions and festivities than to make the house that much more cozy in preparation for the season.

We’ve put together four ways you can deck your halls boughs of holly:


There’s no better way to get in the holiday state of mind than to decorate the home. This includes Christmas themed items around the house, accompanied with the traditional wreaths, colors, and of course, putting up the Christmas tree.

Turn this into a family effort by getting everyone together to put up the tree, make ornaments, pick which ornaments will go on the tree, and get the family involved with decorating.

You can even place smaller Christmas trees and holiday garb in bedrooms for extra holiday spirit.

Smells and Sounds

You’ve taken care of the physical decoration and the visual sensations, now get the smells and sounds of the holiday covered. Light candles around the home that feature your favorite holiday smells, and get jolly by playing your favorite holiday tunes.

Remember, like we learned in the film Elf, “The best way to spread holiday cheer is to sing loud for all to hear.”

Cozy Eating 

Have holiday snacks lingering around the home in jars, bowls and counter tops. Take advantage of the season and winter months and enjoy your favorite warm drinks, holiday pies, and the assortment of pastries and treats that friends and family inevitably bring over to celebrate with you.

Cozy Living

Make the home extra cozy by starting fires, changing blankets and pillows to holiday garb, and placing extras on the couches and chairs where you like to lounge the most.

Do a clean sweep of your guest bedrooms and prepare them with some holiday themed materials as well. This will help friends and family be as comfortable as possible whenever they pop in for a visit.

All the examples above can help to get you in the mood for the season and take advantage of all of the possibilities and festivities that are exclusive to the holidays.

Being as cozy and comfortable as possible in the home can also help to relieve holiday stress, worry, and help keep some order during what’s oftentimes a very chaotic season.

Do you have any recommendations, tips, or suggestions to keep the house cozy during the holidays? Let us know on social media!