How It Works

Intelligent lighting means that the lights (and small appliances) in your home can communicate with your SMART app as well as each other using Z-Wave technology. Z-Wave smart light appliances breed home personalization while emphasizing effortlessness. This allows your lights to be turned on, off, or dimmed both remotely or in-person using your voice with an Amazon Alexa device. This is helpful in instances where you forget to turn off lights, heaters, curling irons, or even Christmas lights and need to do so remotely. Your lighting can also be automated to turn on according to your pre-programmed schedule, serving as a wake-up alarm, or even to fool would-be burglars into believing you’re home.

To help one better understand, Z-Wave automatically routes from one device to the next until everything is set to your specifications. Thanks to this two-way acknowledgment transmission, noise and distortion problems caused by architectural obstacles and radio dead spots are neutralized. For instance, if you ask Alexa to turn on a lamp in the kitchen from your Amazon Echo in the bedroom, the transmission could normally be blocked by the stainless steel refrigerator. Z-Wave is able to notice that block and reroute the transmission through other connected devices. Z-Wave has the capability to connect any smart device and integrate one into the other such as lights reacting to actions from security cameras or motion sensors, and is able to guide any stand-alone smart device into a network that is controlled and monitored wirelessly.

Now that you better understand the technology, let’s explore the products Protect America offers (and will soon offer)!

Nortek Connected Light Bulb

Control your lights like you control the TV. By using the Z-Wave Light Bulbs, you are able to dictate when, where and how bright you want your lights without having to touch a switch. You can even set specific light schedules to fit your lifestyle. You can set your bedroom light to come on like an alarm clock in the morning and turn off when you leave for work. You can even ask your Amazon Echo, “Alexa, dim the lamp” for movie night. Z-Wave Light Bulbs work around your schedule to create a relaxing home effortlessly.

Nortek Connected Light & Appliance Module

Using Z-Wave to control your smart devices makes life easier, but what can be done about non-smart devices? With our Light & Appliance Module, you are able to connect every electrical device in your home to your Z-Wave network. This means you can control your bedroom lamp without having to replace the bulb. Not only that, you can plug in almost any small electrical item to connect to your Z-Wave network. You can let your lights automatically turn on in the morning and have your coffee ready by the time you get up by connecting a coffee pot. With a Light & Appliance Module, there’s almost no limitation to how smart your home can be.


Connected Light Switch Covers

Joining the ever-growing Protect America product lineup in 2018 are connected light switch covers. These Z-Wave-enabled covers are easily installed over the top of an existing light switch, and mechanically turn your lights on or off. Control any existing light switch in your home remotely without re-wiring a thing!


Nortek Z-Wave Switch

If you don’t feel like replacing every overhead light with a smart light bulb, you’re in luck. By removing a current light switch and replacing it with a Z-Wave Switch, you take command of whatever lights are connected to that switch. Once installed, you can turn on, off, or dim an entire room from your phone or simply asking Alexa to “turn off the bedroom lights”, on your Amazon Echo.

Nortek Z-Wave Outlet

Household items plugged into the bottom set of these outlets becomes Z-Wave compatible! Like the Light & Appliance Module discussed earlier, the outlet functions in the same manner, only the outlet itself is smart, not the module plugged into it. This of course requires a little more effort to install, but it also eliminates one step of the process without the “middleman” module communicating between the device and outlet.

If you’re an existing customer looking to add one of these products to your security system turning the into a security light bulb, chat with an agent today. If you’re looking to sign up with Protect America as a new customer, contact us today at 1-800-951-5111 for your free, no-obligation quote!