We’re proud to have been represented by Protect America staff members at the 2013 Run With The Heroes 5K in Austin, Texas.

Run With The Heroes honors fallen members of emergency services and their families. Proceeds are donated to Special Olympics Texas athletes. The race was a unique opportunity for employees to congregate, challenge athletic goals, and pay respects to the men and women of law enforcement and beyond.


The Protect America Team With Austin Police Department Chief Art Acevedo

“There was a great energy in the crowd,” said Protect America Project Manager Melanie Gonzalez. “It truly felt like a community gathering together for a larger purpose. This was the first 5K that I’ve done where it wasn’t about me, knowing that we were there to support the first responders made it feel like we were doing something more than just competing.”

Protect America’s internal culture group, called 2B Positive, focuses on staff experience and creating an environment of growth for employees. 2B Positive engages employees to participate in a multitude of internal and external experiences such as cooking contests, volunteering, video game tournaments, movie days, and athletic events like Run With The Heroes.


Run With The Heroes 5K is a race with a purpose – it’s about much more than winning. The event raises awareness of the sacrifice those in emergency services and their families make. “I’m sure it is a stressful job. Being able to meet some of them certainly made me appreciate them more,” Said Gonzalez. “I couldn’t imagine doing what they do and I’m so thankful that they’re around when we need them.”

Thank you to all emergency services professionals who risk their lives to make society a safer place. You truly Protect America!