Most homeowners don’t think they’re inviting burglars or crime into their homes. However, there are a few things you may be doing that attract the attention of potential thieves. When burglars scope out a neighborhood to find the best target, they look for several features:

1. Burglars Love Thick or Nice Landscaping

When someone – be it a guest, neighbor or thief – approaches your house, one of the first things he or she will see is your landscaping. Potential burglars love seeing thick bushes, trees or shrubs surrounding the perimeter of your home as they provide cover when approaching an entry point. If you want to help prevent crime, cut down the plants or move them to another part of the yard that is away from your house. Your perfect roses are probably the envy of the neighborhood, and they can also be a clue that you have great taste in home decor. When burglars see your lovely gardening, they may take it as an indicator that the items inside your house are just as nice and opulent.

2. Thieves Prefer Parents Leaving Expensive Toys Outside

The kids probably spend a lot of time playing in the front yard. This is a great way for them to get fresh air close to your front door. However, when they come back inside be sure they take their toys with them. Expensive playthings are another indicator that you are affluent. If the kids have a pricey toy, a burglar may wonder if they also have a game system in your home.

3. Criminals are Attracted to Piling Mail or Newspapers

A bulging mailbox or pile of newspapers is a sure sign that no one has been home for some time. Potential thieves will know to target your home because no one will be there to catch them. When you go on vacation, ask a trusted friend or relative to bring in mail and papers. This way, the mailman will come by as usual. The absence of the regular paper boy may tip off a burglar that you canceled your mail, which also shows you’re out of town.

4. Crime Magnet: Static Lighting

Whether or not you turn your lights on when you leave, having the same lighting for an extended period shows that no one is inside. A thief who has scouted the neighborhood and seen this pattern in your home will target your house at a time when the lights aren’t switching on and off. The best way to avoid attracting a burglar is to install home automation. These systems allow you to control your appliances remotely. Plug your lights into the appliance module and you can use your smartphone to turn lamps on and off. When you’re at work, flip the switch at lunch time or during a break. Your home will appear to be occupied even when it’s not.

5. Burglars Want Kids to Leave Valuables Living-Room Windows

If you can see your giant TV from outside, so can burglars. Not only is an expensive home entertainment system tempting, but it also shows you have expendable income. Your home more than likely has other gadgets or jewelry that a thief can sell for decent money. Keep the television or game systems away from a window. Organize your home so that peering eyes don’t see what you can afford to spend money on. The same goes for home security systems. If you have your device hooked up near a window, potential thieves can see whether or not the system is armed from outside. You may forget to activate it one day and a burglar could see that. Burglars will be more likely to attempt a robbery if they can see that your alarms aren’t activated. Avoid this problem altogether by getting the Smart Connect app on your phone. This will allow you to arm or disarm your burglar alarms remotely. This article is brought to you by Protect America – the leading distributor of state-of-the-art Wireless Home Security Systems. Protect America protects homes across the U.S. from intrusion, theft, fire, flooding, medical emergencies and more with 24/7 Cellular, Broadband and Landline Monitoring and cutting edge technology.

SUMMARY Most homeowners don’t think they’re inviting burglars or crime into their homes.

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