How many times have you wondered what good a monitored home security service is when you can buy one of those fancy smart wireless systems that keeps you connected to your home through your smartphone?

It might be a clever invention, but it is only as effective as a remote monitored service when you are able to keep an eye on your home 24/7.

Here are a few times when that just isn’t going to be possible.


1. You were on a cruise-far away from cellphone and internet service

Did you know that most cruise lines have limited access to the internet and phone coverage while at sea? Your smartphone might not work when visiting Europe, either.  If it does offer access, you can end up spending a small fortune while keeping an eye on your front door. If you skip adding that premium to your vacation costs, how will you know that your home was invaded without that annoying notification?

2. The CO detector went off while you were in that “Do-Not-Disturb” meeting

It happens to everyone. Your boss asks you to shut the door and turn off your phone. While your smart security system was trying desperately to let you know the furnace was malfunctioning, you didn’t find out for an hour.  Did your napping spouse wake up in time? Who called the fire department?

3. You were gone only 15 minutes!

The burglars were watching the house and you slipped out without your cell phone to go pick up the kids at school. When you got home your big screen TV and laptop were gone. Your foolproof unmonitored security system did not manage to call the police, did it?

4. You left your cell phone on the kitchen island this morning

You bought this fancy security system because you always have your phone with you, don’t you? Except for that time that you left it at the restaurant, or when it slipped out of your pocket at the movie theatre, or how you didn’t grab it with your cup of coffee off the kitchen counter. Yeah, see how your only means of monitoring your home security system is always there for you?


5. Your teenagers were home–but you weren’t

It was supposed to be a carefree weekend.  Your teenager was left home and was supposed to be watching the security system if they went out.  But they are teenagers. There was a party.  The music was loud. And their cell phone was off.  When you got back from the mountains, burglars had emptied your safe and taken your fine jewelry.

Whether you install your security system or leave it up to the professionals, in the end a system is only as good as the system that monitors its performance.  Protect America offers affordable monitoring without the high pressure sales that are a hallmark of many other security companies.  Sure, install it yourself! Just make sure that there is always somebody there to repond to any alarms triggered by your security cameras, lights, and window and door contacts so you have a better chance of beating the bad guys and protecting your family.  Because in the end, you really can’t be there every moment of the day, can you?