With a web of home security protection around you, you’re able to concentrate on the important things like your kids! They probably want to hop on the computer, go outside or play with their friends when they get home from school. They might not even mind if the dog eats their homework!

However, as a parent you want to make sure they get their homework done. The kids may fight you on it, promising it will be done later. The fact is, most children don’t enjoy doing their homework. Fortunately, there are ways you can instill your kids with good working habits.

1. Get on Board

The children may not be thrilled about doing homework, but you should be. If you believe their assignment is pointless or that the work doesn’t teach them anything, it’s time for a change of heart. Your kids will pick up on your attitude and adopt it themselves. Remember that homework is meant to solidify the lessons kids learn at school. Assignments not only teach kids curriculum, but also self-discipline. Once your children are good at getting their work done, they’ll start becoming responsible.

2. Create a Space

Set up a spot in your home that is just for your children’s work. This area should be free of distractions, yet located in a place where you can periodically check in on them. Give your children a desk with a lamp so they can see their work. Fill the drawers with calculators, rulers, paper, pencils and other supplies. Their desk should have everything they need to finish their assignments.

3. Schedule a Regular Time

Talk to your kids about when they feel is the best time to do their homework. Perhaps this can be right when they get home or immediately after dinner. Once you’ve settled on a time, stick to it. Be sure they do their homework during the allotted period every day. Remember to consider after-school activities when choosing a homework time. Soccer practice, drama club and other groups are great. However, they should not prevent the kids from completing their school assignments.

4. Spy on Them

All the scheduling you’ve discussed and the space you’ve made doesn’t guarantee that your kids will do their homework. You should periodically check to see that they are actually doing math problems at their desk and not playing with their Nintendo DS. Sometimes it’s hard to keep tabs on your kids’ homework habits, especially if you work late. If you have home security systems with the SMART Connect app, you can check on their progress remotely. Watch a live video feed on your computer or smartphone to see if your kids are actually working. You can also watch archived footage if you cannot take the time at work to watch the video feed.

5. Reward Hard Work

Your video monitoring might just reveal that the kids are doing their homework. Once you see this good behavior, reward them. Pick up some stickers on the way home or make their favorite dish for dinner. When they ask what the occasion is, say that you’re proud of them for being responsible. The more positive reenforcement you can dish out, the better – just be sure it was earned. The kids will like the feeling of being praised and will work hard to get it again.

6. Set a Good Example

Let your kids see you doing responsible tasks. Balance the checkbook in the same room that they do their homework. Read a book instead of watching TV. These activities will inspire your kids to get away from distracting media and complete their homework.

7. Get Engaged

If you’re around during homework time, make it a priority to offer help. Play math games to help your children with fractions. Act out scenes together in the play they have to read. Your engagement and enthusiasm will rub off on them. However, if the kids don’t want help, let them be!