Can you imagine every few seconds someone falls victim to a burglary? It’s true. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Crime Clock Statistics, a burglary takes place every 20 seconds, which means three burglaries happen every minute! If you think those numbers are incredible, just wait until you read these other surprising burglary statistics:

Most Burglaries Happen During the Day

The FBI reported a whopping 486,000 residential burglaries took place during the day in 2016. As a comparison, 278,600 happened at night (and 177,571 were unknown). Still, a large number but these statistics highlight an important point. Burglars are finding ways to be inconspicuous during the day when people are more likely to be at work, school, and running errands. It can even happen during a quick run to the grocery store. Some are even bold enough to enter when residents are home!

Burglars Are In and Out In 10 Minutes

Yes, it’s true, they are that fast. Most burglars are in and out of their target residences within 10 minutes. They typically scout out homes and look for ones that are easy to break into. Criminals look for unlocked doors and open windows. They also seek out homes with bushes or trees close to the house to make it easy to hide – and get in and out quickly.

Largest Percentage of Burglars Use the Front Door

As noted above, burglars can be pretty bold. Did you know 34 percent of them will enter your house right through the front door? Just wow. It’s bad enough criminals think it’s OK to burglarize other people but to walk right through the front door shows just shows guts (and not in the good way!) If you’re wondering how else burglars might enter your home, here are the numbers:

  • 23% enter through a first-floor window
  • 22% use the back door to enter the home
  • 9% break in through the garage

Only 1 Out of 10 Burglaries Are Solved

Amazingly, when looking at the frequency of how often burglary occurs, it is scary to think that in approximately 90 percent of the cases, odds are the crime will never be solved. The primary reason is that there isn’t typically enough evidence to identify, arrest, and convict someone.

Only about half of the violent crimes and a third of the property crimes that occur in the United States each year are reported to police. And most of the crimes that are reported don’t result in the arrest, charging and prosecution of a suspect, according to government statistics. (Courtesy Pew Research Center)

If you are victimized, a monitored home security system could increase the chances of the crime committed against you will result in an arrest. Not to mention, increase the possibility of your possessions being recovered.

Burglars Target Homes Without Security Systems

In a survey conducted by a research team from the University of North Carolina, some interesting statistics were uncovered. In the survey of more than 400 convicted offenders, 83 percent of respondents said they’d try to ascertain if an alarm was present. If one was found, about 60 percent said they’d walk away and target another home.

If you want to reduce your chances of becoming one of these statistics, you should:

  • Invest in a monitored home security system
  • Display signs highlighting your security
  • Place cameras in clear view on your property
  • Buy a solid front door with a good lock

Interested in learning more about monitored home security? Call Protect America today for a free quote and see what options would best suit your individual needs.