When it comes to sending your kids away to college, you can’t help but feel helpless sometimes. After all, they’re no longer under your wing, which means their personal safety becomes a top concern. But with the rise in smart technology, you no longer have to send them off with just pepper spray and hope for the best.

There are some extra precautions your college student can take without making it seem like you’re micromanaging them from afar.

Have them download a personal safety app like SafeTrek.

This is especially helpful if they have evening classes, or have to walk home alone late at night. SafeTrek is a smartphone app developed specifically for college students. All your college student has to do is open the app and hold their thumb down on the safe button. Once they arrive somewhere safely, they have to release their thumb and enter their pin. If the pin isn’t entered, the app will notify local authorities of their location.

Gift them a personal alert device.

Safety devices that can be clipped onto clothing or held in hand can allow a student, who is in danger, alert their friends and family. Pushing the panic button on these devices will send a notification via cell phone to their loved ones. If you set one of these devices off, an alarm will emit a noise at 120 decibels, comparable to ambulance sirens.

Set stricter privacy settings on their social media profiles.

Nowadays, geotagging or tagging your location on social media has become a common practice. Some Snapchat users might not even be aware that their location can be tracked in real time on Snapchat Map if they don’t change their settings. Discuss with your student about avoiding posts that include their location until after their visit.


Purchase a smart lock for their student apartment.

Even if their school is listed on America’s safest college towns, campuses are still prone to crime, including burglary and theft. If your college student resides in a student apartment, install a smart lock like the August Smart Lock Pro. If your student has a jam packed schedule, chances are they’ll forget to lock their door sometimes. With the August Smart Lock, students can lock their doors on their smartphones from just about anywhere with Wi-Fi.

Request for emergency text alerts from their university’s police department.

In the event of an emergency situation on campus, students can sign up for the school’s emergency communications system. Texts can be sent to them in case of an emergency or a dangerous situation pops up on campus. Parents can also be updated in real time by checking the university police department’s social media pages, like their Facebook or Twitter page.

Minimizing your college student’s personal safety on campus is a priority for most parents. These safety tips will help guide and teach your student to learn how to take matters into their own hands, and will give you some peace of mind.