Activate an old alarm system with Protect America home security. The only way to activate your system is to have the proper type of monitoring set up through a home security company.

Monitoring means that your alarm or home security system is connected to a source such as landline, broadband, or cellular. These three types of monitoring will send signals to a monitoring station whenever your alarm goes off. This is the only way to truly activate your system into working condition.

How to Activate Your Home Security System

To activate your alarms system you simply call into Protect America. We will need to know a little information about your current home security system such as what type of system it is, if it’s still working, and if we can actually take over the system.

Once we have obtained all the appropriate information, we will be able to test your system and get it connected to whichever monitoring fits your needs. When testing the system we will test every sensor in your home to make sure it is working.

If you haven any general questions our home security experts are more than happy to help you. Call the number at the top of the page or fill out the form on the right and our experts will contact you.

Disclaimer: Please do not attempt to activate a home security system on your own without an expert. You may cause wiring issues, can accidentally alarm the police, or sometimes possibly hurt yourself.

Home security systems can be pretty delicate if you don’t know too much about them. Our experts are here to help you and make sure to get your home secured. Give us a call.