Many homes already have an existing burglar alarm system installed, especially older houses. The vast majority of these systems will be hardwired home security systems that can’t be moved from one location to another. Some home security companies, like Protect America, offer solutions that can activate existing home alarm systems.

How Do I Activate an Existing Burglar Alarm System in My Home?

In many cases, it’s possible to activate an existing burglar alarm system by calling the company that originally handled the installation. However, this won’t work in every situation as technology changes and the home security provider that originally installed the system may not be able to service it.

Usually the best answer for activating an existing home alarm system is to contact a home security company that specializes in wireless home security solutions. Wireless home security providers usually offer cellular conversion devices that reactivate existing home alarm systems. These devices are affordable and work with most hardwired and wireless home security systems.

Should I Activate the Existing Burglar Alarm System in My Home?

There is no single solution for the security needs of a specific home. Depending on a range of factors, such as square footage and available technology connections, the services offered by a home security company will vary. Most national home security providers should be able to offer some solution that works for your home.

Protect America, for examples, has different monitoring options to meet the technological needs of any customer. Customers without landlines phones are becoming increasingly more common so Protect America has broadband and cellular monitoring options available. For customers that are specifically looking to use the existing security system in their home, the only realistic option for monitoring and activation is the cellular conversion device which maintains a wireless connection to a central monitoring facility.

What to Do If You Can’t Activate the Existing Alarm System in Your Home

If you can’t activate the alarm system that is already in your home, you can just get a free wireless home security system from Protect America. Simply order one of our award-winning monitoring solutions and we’ll include a Simon XT home alarm system at no cost to you. All you have to do is pay the monthly monitoring fee! Protect America wants to make sure you’re home and family are secure so we offer enough door/window sensors to monitor every point of entry into your home.