You need a home security system to provide protection for your home and family. When you start looking at the various home security systems available on the market, you’ll notice there are many to choose from. You’ll also notice there are many service providers to choose between. Ideally, you will assess your specific needs and then pick a system that meets these needs accordingly. One company you are likely to come across when shopping for home security systems is ADP. As a leader in the home security industry, ADP offers a variety of security products and packages. Here’s a closer look at what you can expect with an ADP home security system.


Company Overview of ADP

ADP Security believes you deserve more than one-size-fits-all protection. When you trust ADP to provide you and your family with quality security products and professional installation, you can rest assured you are receiving home security that has been tailored to meet your specific needs. The security company offers services in the areas of burglar and fire alarms, surveillance systems, medical alert pendants, and access control systems. In addition to alarm systems, ADP offers intercoms and PA systems to help ensure everyone stays connected and safe.  The quicker emergency personnel can respond to a crisis, the sooner a situation can be assessed and handled properly. A speedier response means victims will be less likely to suffer loss or damage. ADP Security can alert emergency services about a break-in, fire, or medical emergency at your home or business even if you are not there. The alarm system will automatically send a signal to ensure help can arrive quickly. Devoted to providing customers top-notch security, ADP professionals have knowledge and skills to install the most comprehensive alarm and security systems, which gives you peace of mind in knowing your home is being fully protected.

ADP Provides Optimal Home Security Protection

ADP burglary alarm systems come with an assortment of security and access control options to deter thieves. Window and door sensors alert homeowners when windows and doors are accessed, and if necessary, skilled professionals will contact appropriate authorities to respond. Like all home security system’s, ADP’s keypad is an essential part of the security system. It’s used to arm, disarm, monitor, and communicate with your alarm. It allows users to easily verify that zones are clear and operational and ensures that the battery is functioning properly.

It is important to place the keypad in a location where it can be easily accessed. This is most often near the entrance door of your home that is used more frequently than others. According to Safe Street USA, “most burglars get into the house by the front door! Taken together, the front door, a first floor window and the back door make up 79% of the ways burglars get in. That’s a convincing argument to get you to invest in some good, strong locks and to make sure you always lock doors and windows when leaving the home!

How burglars break in

  • Front door 34%
  • First floor window 23%
  • Back door 22%
  • Garage 9%
  • Second floor 2%”

Larger homes and businesses may need additional keypads for freedom and convenience. The ADP surveillance system permits you to watch a video of various places around your home or business. In the event of suspicious activity, you can rewind and watch the previously recorded footage to help evaluate the situation. Motion detectors work by notifying authorities of activity in a protected zone.


Medical alert pendants or bracelets provide the ability to expand freedom and safety of older adults or family members with medical needs while giving relatives a peace of mind in knowing their loved ones are safe. In the event of an emergency, medical personnel will be contacted, ensuring quick medical attention. The company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and makes every effort to provide customers with service within 48 hours of any reported repairs or concerns. The company shoots for nothing less than to offer the very best, reliable, and most effective, home security systems available.

Reasons to Choose Protect America

Although ADP provides great protection, Protect America goes a step beyond by providing 24/7 customer assistance. We also offer free installation and free quotes. Contact us today to learn more about the true value of protecting your home with a security system.