Home security should not be taken lightly, but a big mix-up by one of the better-known home security companies could make you wonder about how well your own home system works. ADT Home Security recently agreed to pay out $16 million to customers who found out that there was a weak link in their system’s security that could have opened the system to hacking. This is alarming — no pun intended — for anyone who trusted home security systems. However, as good as the settlement sounds, there are some surprises.


This Settlement Is Due to a Lack of Encryption

This whole mess is due to one part of the system being left unencrypted. Homeowners had a wireless system installed that used peripheral sensors. The communications that these systems used to communicate status were left unencrypted, which meant anyone with hacking skills could have snuck in. This could have led to system shutdowns and a lack of protection.


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    The Payout Isn’t as Huge as You’d Think

    The total settlement is $16 million, but the average payout isn’t going to be as big as you might think. Those eligible for a payout, other than the people who initiated the lawsuit, will get either $15 or $45 dollars only, depending on their level of eligibility. That is a small amount considering the cost of not having your home monitored properly.

    As of March 2018, It Still Wasn’t Final

    The settlement looked like a sure thing, until it wasn’t. In March 2018, a judge issued a stay that has delayed the settlement payout because the 9th Circuit court had ended up dismissing a huge settlement in another case involving Hyundai and Kia. Not much information was released other than what Top Class Actions described as:

    “The ADT Home Security Hacking Vulnerability Class Action Settlement has not yet been granted final approval. On March 29, 2018, the court issued an order staying the class action settlement ‘pending potential en banc proceedings in the Ninth Circuit.’”

    Imagine finding out you had paid for home security only to find it wasn’t secure, you weren’t going to get much of a reimbursement, and you weren’t going to get any information about when you might get that reimbursement. That’s not good.


    Your home and sense of safety isn’t something that companies should take lightly. You need a system that wards off as many potential dangers as possible — and that allows law enforcement to stop the rest. This is why a monitored home security system is so much better than something like a plain camera that just stores images. Sure, that film can help identify whoever damaged something on your property, for example, but by then, the property is already damaged, and the person is long gone. With a monitored system, any unusual activity gets noticed, and law enforcement can come in hopefully before the culprit leaves. Monitoring also alerts the security company to electronic shenanigans, like hacking that lets crooks turn off the system.

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