If you are contemplating having a security system installed in your home, it is likely you will think about hanging security stickers on your property to alert people that your home is protected. When hanging these stickers, it is important to know a few tips in their placement and overall impression so they do the trick in keeping potential thieves from attempting to gain entry to your abode. These include:

  • Making sure the right stickers are used
  • Placing stickers in locations sure to be seen
  • Obtaining enough stickers to do the job

You can’t be too careful.

Be Wary Of Fake Sticker Styles

It is always best to have a security system in place. If you are unable to afford a system at the moment, using stickers indicating you have an alarm in place in your home might help in deterring theft. To pull off this endeavor, however, the stickers you use need to look authentic. Check that the imprinted images and text used on a sticker is not fuzzy or blurry, as this will tip off a thief that the sticker is a decoy. The stickers used need to be crisp and easy to read to be deemed as “real”.


If you do go ahead and get a security system, make sure to ask the supplier for stickers to use on your property. Some companies have different styles to choose from. Take a look at the selection and pick a few different styles to use on and around your home. Diversity will make it more likely one or more of the stickers are read by those who come into contact with them when on your property.

Place Stickers In The Right Locations

Security warning stickers need to be positioned in spots where they will gain attention. If you try to blend them into your home’s exterior, they will not do their job in alerting others to the possibility of preventative measures in keeping robberies from happening.

Make sure to place stickers at eye-level. Placing them in second story windows or along the foundation of a home will do no good in thwarting theft. Adhering security stickers in windows and to doors is best. These are the areas utilized by thieves to get into a home, making them the best spots to alert these people that they may want to think again about trying to get inside of the structure.

Placing a sticker or two on a sign to be placed along the perimeter of the property is also helpful in keeping people from getting too close to the home at all. It is also a good idea to search for spots with a contrasting color from the background of the stickers themselves. This way the stickers will stand out and be seen without difficulty. For example, place a darker sticker on a lighter-colored exterior panel or door.

Keep Extra Stickers On Hand And Use Them Liberally

You can’t have enough warning stickers on a home or property. While several may make your property appear a bit cluttered, they will definitely do the job in minimizing the chances of a breaking and entering from occurring. Who would want to take that risk? Be sure to place a sticker where it is able to be seen from each entryway to the home. After all, if you place stickers only in the front of a home, a thief trying to get in through the back will not be alerted of the system (or possible system) you have in place. This could lead to a theft if you are not protected by a system at all. Keep extra stickers for times when a window pane breaks or for when the glue on a sticker becomes dry. This way you can make a quick swap so your home always has ample warning in place.


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