It can be hard to fathom just how much can change in a year or two. The rate at which technology is changing is almost unheard of and it is definitely being felt in industries all across the globe. Home security, specifically, has taken a massive leap forward and into the future. We’ve come a long way since the days of old 144p security cameras and now home security systems are better than ever. Today, we are going to be highlighting some of the best home security systems available as we head into 2019. We’ll be highlighting three specific companies before helping to decide which one is the best of the best.


Advanced Security Systems For 2019

Security system advancements are pretty amazing to see as the industry has completely changed over the last several years. While 2018 has been instrumental in introducing some great services and products, such as Protect America’s line of affordable systems, there is still more to look forward to in the future. We won’t waste any of your time hypothesizing on the future. Instead, we are going to lay out three great advanced security systems for use in 2019.

While home invasions are relatively rare in the grand scheme of things, they still account for nearly 5,800 cases every single day in the United States of America. 85% of these home invasions occur when the home is empty, leaving only quality security systems as a potential witness to the crimes.

  • Frontpoint –  We’re going to start off our list by highlighting one of the fastest rising security system companies in the nation, Frontpoint. Frontpoint offers accessible, intuitive and affordable security systems to customers who want to protect their home. With Z-Wave as the backbone of their systems, Frontpoint is already looking to the future.
  • Vivint – Next up we have an industry stalwart in Vivint. Vivint leans on home automation in a way that the other companies on this list simply do not. Vivint’s security systems encapsulate the future with automated locking mechanisms, lighting control, security cameras and access through a sleek mobile app. We really appreciate the Doorbell Camera that Vivint has been utilizing, as well. The Doorbell Camera is something most people don’t know they need until they have it.
  • ADT – Rounding out our top list is ADT, the longest-running home security company in the world. ADT has a plethora of security system offerings but their ADT Pulse program definitely takes the cake for being popular and looking toward the future in 2018. ADT Pulse mandates a 3-year contract but for homeowners who can stomach that length, they are getting a great security system filled with high-quality products at a relatively affordable price.

Which Security System Is Right For You?

There are a ton of different ways we could have gone with this discussion but we ultimately settled on Vivint as our winner for advanced security systems in 2019. Vivint’s blend of home automation and incredible customer service is hard to match. We really appreciated how Vivint approached home security from every single level, not daring to leave out a single aspect of their home security goals.


Defend Your Home With Security From Protect America

It should be pretty obvious by now that there are many great home security system options available for customers in all budget-brackets. With that being said, we still believe in the power of getting as much bang for your buck and that is why we are taking the time to highlight the work being done by Protect America.

Protect America has quickly grown into one of the largest and most popular home security companies in the United States as they are ranked 14th in the nation in terms of popularity, despite their relatively recent start. Protect America offers a wide range of security system plans that start out at just $30 per month. The team at Protect America are easy to work with and their customer service agents can help to quickly put together a customized system for just about any home. With free estimates available and no installation fees, make the call today to set up Protect America in your home!