Choosing the Best Home Security

When it comes to choosing the best home security system you want to make sure whatever service you decide to go with is affordable and dependable. Your home security provider should be reliable because you deserve great service for what you pay monthly.

A few things to take into consideration aside cost is to make sure the equipment your security provider uses is dependable and developed by the best. Here at Protect America we only use the best equipment provided by which has proven consistency and reliability. We have hundreds of thousands of customers who choose to go with our great service not only because our great monthly price, but we also value each one of our customers.

A lot of times newer homes may already have a hard-wire alarm system built and wired in the home; ask Protect America how we can monitor your system with a cellular device to avoid expensive monthly home phone line cost.

Advice Maintaining Your Home Security

System Check

Maintaining your home security is like keeping up with your vehicle. You want to check your alarm system monthly to make sure everything is working properly. You want to test your system at least once a month. Speak with your security provider to see what they recommend and check to make sure you follow what their security experts recommend. At Protect America, we like to remind our customers to do a monthly test to ensure connectivity of the system and make sure were getting a good signal if your alarm goes off. If you ever change your phone, cable, or internet, make sure you consult with your security provider to make sure your alarm system will still be compatible.

Sensor Check

If you haven’t physically walked to each sensor in a while and check to see how sturdy it is placed then you might want to do that. If you think about it, these sensors are placed either with adhesive tape or Velcro. With climate change it is inevitable for your sensors to slide or shift. This is normal unless you actually use screws to mount your sensors.

System Test

Before starting any security alarm test, make sure you place the account on test with your security provider to avoid false alarms. Make sure your run a proper test on all sensors. Trigger an alarm from all or any specific sensors you may be weary about to ensure the alarm triggers when armed. Once you get a good signal with the monitoring station you are ready to go.


*Make sure you do a system test monthly to ensure connectivity. Check with your security provider before proceeding to do any system maintenance.