Most people aren’t aware that home security systems have become increasingly affordable. Over the years, the rise of the internet and the continued compartmentalization of digital technology has allowed the floodgates of the industry to fly open. This means that more products are hitting the shelves and more people have the opportunity to protect their home. With that being said, all of these new products won’t provide the necessary knowledge that is needed in order to make sure that they are employed properly. Today, we are going to focus our discussion on how affordable home security cameras have hidden things that you might not think about. Are you ready to leap into our discussion? Let’s begin.


Secure Your Home The Right Way

When it comes time to consider adding a home security system, the first thing that most homeowners will do is look for the most expensive and elaborate systems available on the market. At some point in time, we’ve gotten it into our head that expensive = better, always. This just simply isn’t the case. When it comes right down to it, the best way to secure a home is by finding a system that is specifically tailored for the property. This means taking a careful look at all of the different attributes that belong to the different security systems, and they can be quite extensive.

According to most reports, there are fewer than 20% of homes in America currently sporting a home security system. Research has directly linked break-ins to unsecured homes, thus making it more important than ever to install a home security system.

What all does it take to properly install a home with a security system? Well, it takes knowing the ins and outs of affordable home security cameras. Let us now shift our focus toward the three things most people haven’t thought of when they begin shopping for an affordable home security camera system. The following information will help set up homeowners for security for years to come.

3 Key Aspects For Your Home Security Cameras

To the uninitiated or uninformed, most security cameras kind of look alike. After all, how different could they all be? They all share the same mission and that mission is to monitor a property and relay the data and information to the property owner. With that being said, cameras are much more interesting than that. In fact, they are so unique that there are three points that people routinely forget to consider when shopping for them.

  1. Network Connectivity – Now, this is the first thing that people routinely forget to consider. In the old days, most security systems simply recorded tape to a DVR for review later. This was an enclosed system that relied on cables to transfer data on a constant basis. While these are still in use, they are no longer the majority. People are now looking to systems that connect to networks via wireless transmission. From WiFi to BlueTooth and everything in between, there are suddenly many options to consider.
  2. Video Quality – There was a time when security systems only had blurry 480p video as an option. Now, consumers must consider video quality ranging from 480p all the way to 4K!
  3. Professional Monitoring – Finally, consumers have to consider whether or not they want a professional security team monitoring their system around-the-clock. Closed systems rely on the consumer to act in an event of an emergency. Professionally monitored systems allow a third party to come to the rescue.


Protect America Offers Unrivaled Home Security

There are many home security systems on the market and there are likely just as many home security companies looking to pull customers into paying for their product. Protect America is one of the most established and popular home security companies in the United States. Established in 1992, Protect America has already risen to rank in the top-15 security companies in the nation. With affordable monthly rates starting at just $30, now is the time to lock into a contract and stay safe with professional home security monitoring.