It’s understandable that people are looking for the most affordable home security companies in the nation. Americans love bargains and home security systems are no different. Most traditional home security companies require hefty upfront costs for equipment and installation but a wireless option can offer substantial savings.

Affordable Home-Security: An Overview

When purchasing a home security system, customers should be aware of the common tactics used by larger, traditional providers. Alarm systems offered by big companies, like ADT and Stanley CSS, will involve hundreds of dollars for equipment and installation. There will also be activation fees and additional costs for customizing the system to your home. The total process can cost as much as a thousand dollars before even receiving your first monthly monitoring bill.

Protect America saves time and money by using wireless home security systems that don’t require professional installation or activation. Customers install their own wireless alarm system and pocket the savings. Protect America only uses high quality wireless alarm systems that are easy to install and operate. A wireless security system can be easily customized for your home so that every door and window are monitored.

Best Prices and Rates Ever in Home-Security

When you order a monthly monitoring solution from Protect America, you’ll receive free wireless home security system. No other home security company can match Protect America’s offer and most won’t even try. Our monthly monitoring fee starts at $19.99 and still includes a free home alarm system. Protect America is so confident that no other provider can match our offer that we provide a Lowest Price Guarantee. If you find a lower home security offer, Protect America will match it. There’s no doubt about it, Protect America really is the nation’s most affordable homes security company.