Affordable home security is a great thing. I think that when it comes to home security, mostly all if not every single family in America is looking for the best deal on home security without having to compromise their safety.

What Makes Protect America Different?

Protect America is a great representation of affordable yet quality home security. Protect America offers engineered home security equipment with a life time warranty. A lot of companies will offer you the equipment at little or no charge but will make you pay for replacement parts or an extended warranty. Protect America offers a lifetime warranty for any products that break or malfunction. You are required to test monthly to keep the warranty in tact, which is beneficial as a home security owner to make sure everything is working the way it should. That monthly test only takes on an average of fifteen minutes depending on how thorough of a test you would like to make.

Home security can sometimes come with an up-front cost, which Protect America fully waves with free shipping. Now what other company can give you their product for free with free shipping? That’s a great deal for anyone who is looking to secure their home immediately and doesn’t quite necessarily have the funds.

Protect America offers a 36 month contract just like all other home security companies. The difference between us is that we can offer the equipment to you at no charge if you decide to go with one of our packages. We also do offer the customization of the security packages that will definitely be affordable for anyone looking to secure their home. Not every home or every need is the same so we can ensure to get you the best possible deal.

When notifying or calling into our home security office, make sure and ask about our Best Price Guarantee. We will work hard to make sure we earn you as a customer, and thereafter. Our customer service strives to go above and beyond for all customers whether you have been with us for 2 months or 10 years. Once you sign up with us you become part of the Protect America family.

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