Did you know that you can have an alarm system for your apartment? While most apartments approve you have to an alarm system, it’s always good to check with your leasing manager to see if they approve you to have one. Often times your leasing manager or apartment manager just wants to know if you have one or not so they can put it on your account.

Benefits of an Alarm System in Your Apartment

You often don’t hear about too many apartment break-ins but they do happen. If you’ve lived in apartments before, you may have heard about break-in situations. Burglars know apartments are less likely to have an alarm system, all the more reason for you to have actually have one.

With Protect America, we offer a few different options for protecting your home. Our home security packages include anywhere from 3 to 10 sensors for your home. So if your apartment only has 1 door and 3 windows, or even if you have 3 doors and 7 windows, we have you covered! You can also add different sensors according to what your home needs are.

Our home security experts will guide you through the whole process. From choosing the right package for your home, to installing the actual alarm system, you can count on Protect America to be there.

Moving From Apartments

At Protect America we understand that you may move being that you are just renting an apartment. The average person moves at least 4 times in their lifetime! We offer complimentary relocation kits to all of our customers when you sign up for Protect Americas services. If you move after you get our system and you’re still our customer, we can provide you with the alarm relocation kit to get you secured in your home or apartment.

Protect America provides monitoring in every state and also in Canada!

For more information about our home security systems give us a call using the number at the top of the page.