Protect America provides home security and alarm systems for home. No matter if you live in an apartment or big house, you can get an alarm system package that will meet your needs. You can get a sensor for all your doors and windows, while protecting the inside of your home with other home security accessories. Get the home security your need today!

Alarm Systems for a Home

No matter how big your home is, or whether you live in an apartment or big home, Protect America has the right home security package for you. We can customize any of our alarm packages to fit the way your home is built. If you have 10 doors or 3 doors, or 20 windows and 5 doors, you can add as many sensors as you want to the package.

Our Simon XT home security system is made to fit up to 40 sensors. You can window/door sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors and more. You can find a full list of Protect America home security products here.

Alarm Systems for Apartments

Get an alarm system for your apartment. Always make sure you find out what your residence’s policies are for home security systems in your apartments. Some apartments charge extra, or may make you sign a waiver, or some may even charge you. But the point is to make sure you know you are following their policies.

Protecting your apartment or condo is just as important as protecting your house. Apartment break-ins still happen unfortunately.

The great part about Protect America’s alarm systems is that you can always take it with you no matter where you move to! We offer a free moving kit to all of our customers. We understand people move, so the great part of our alarm systems is that you can take it with you no matter where you move to in the United States. We offer monitoring across the whole country.

To learn how you can get a free alarm system from Protect America, contact us today. Call the number at the top of the page or fill out the contact form on the right and a security expert will contact you.