Update: Protect America now integrates with Amazon Echo Devices, enabling use of Alexa. Home Security Future with Alexa. 

Everyone knows Siri, the Apple smartphone voice operator that hears your requests and questions, and responds accordingly to your needs. But who’s Alexa?

Alexa is the smart home equivalent to Siri. She’s powered on the Amazon Echo system and allows customers to interact with an automated smart home in unprecedented ways. What’s even more incredible about Alexa is that she’s built in the cloud and she’s continuously being updated with new information or specifications, which means she will only get smarter. So, the more you use Alexa, the more she will adapt to your specific needs and interactions.

The Amazon Echo platform that Alexa operates on is a small, voice enabled wireless speaker developed by Amazon. The tool is capable of voice interactions, music playback, making to do lists, and many other entertainment features like playing music, podcasts, providing users weather updates, and of course home automation.

Before we explore the future of home security, it’s important to mention Alexa and her current role in the home security space. Alexa is slowly being integrated into many other third party platforms, and there’s plan for her system to be included in the Samsung Fridge, Ford Cars, and the Amazon Fire TV, among many other tools. You can even order a pizza with Alexa.

So, why does Alexa hold some hints about the future of home security? Because not only is she connected and automated via the cloud, but her interface is likely how we’ll interact with our future automated smart homes. We’ll talk to them, they’ll talk back, and they’ll keep our requests. We hope they end up friendlier than what we saw in the Disney Channel original film, Smart House.


The Future of Home Security

The future of home security can be summed up with one word—automation. We’ll see automation everywhere, with everything. 

The IoT (Internet of Things) is opening the door for a wave of technology that will all be synced, interconnected, and work together with each other. Everything from your car, to refrigerator, to your smart watch will eventually connect your home and the cloud.

We’ve seen this in snippets so far, but it’s in the preliminary stages and most products don’t “speak” well with each other. This is where Alexa and Amazon Echo come in, because the tools have been able to integrate so many products and do so with a smart voice technology.

Once the IoT brings together all of these products, it’s likely that voice recognition will be the next feature and consumers will be speaking to their products and home through one central hub.

People control the majority of their lives via their smart devices and the cloud already, so demand will continue to increase for more control, connections, and devices. Products will either integrate better or companies will offer full-scale systems for better integration and connection.


Amazon Echo

The one concern with the future of home security is how much privacy customers will have to give up. For a fully automated and monitored home, it means we’ll likely have to place more sensors, and more products will be used to track our movements, routines, and obtain deep knowledge of our habits. These sensors will be needed to get the full picture of what’s really going on in the home. This raises some privacy concerns, because how far are we willing to go to secure ourselves?

And if all of our important information is connected to the cloud and communicating in sync with each other, concerns on the safety of the information and whether or not it can be hacked will arise as well. The other concern is whether or not Alexa or similar systems will be able to distinguish between commands made by users that are authorized to control the system, or if these systems will pick up incorrect commands. But it is likely that bio recognition is in place and commands are only made by the appropriate parties. Hopefully the future of home technology means that future equipment isn’t susceptible to hacking and the proper encryption is in place. 

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