A lot of people are looks for the perfect Amazon Echo lights. Phillips Hue smart light bulbs are immensely popular due to their versatility. With remote control, you can change your lights to reflect your mood. Dim the lights to create a romantic setting or change the color to add some fun to the room. Phillips Hue bulbs work with Amazon’s voice control service Alexa. Now with the sound of your voice you can control the lighting in your entire home.

Connect Alexa to Phillips Hue

Once you purchase an Amazon Echo device and Phillips Hue products, you can sync up the bulbs with Alexa. The Alexa application can be accessed through your smartphone or tablet. Once launched, you’ll see a “Smart Home” option. On the next page, you will choose “Discover Devices.” At this point, you’ll touch the button on the bridge of the Phillips Hue light bulb. Once added to the Alexa app, you can create groups as a way to better control the lighting. For instance, you can put all light bulbs located in a living room as one group. If you want to change the names of the lights, you can do that through the Phillips Hue application. Scenes can be set up as well through the Phillips Hue application. Before you start using Phillips Hue with your Echo device, you will want to enable the Hue skill through the Alexa application.

Phillips Hue Lighting Control

As soon as setup is complete, you can start using Alexa to control the power of your smart bulbs. Commands can include:

“Alexa, turn on all Hue lights.”
“Alexa, turn off all lights.”
“Alexa, turn on kitchen lights.”
“Alexa, dim the lights to 25 percent.”

If you notice not all commands are working, you may want to return to your Alexa application to confirm you have synced all lights and grouped them properly. You can add any additional bulbs or remove any devices from the Smart Home hub in the application as well.

Phillips Hue Color Commands

Besides operating the Phillips Hue bulbs, you can also use Alexa to make changes to the warmth and color. The warmth feature is helpful depending on what you’re doing in the room at the time. You may want cooler lighting when you’re trying to focus on work and warmer lighting when you simply want to unwind after a long day. With Alexa, you will simply say things like,

“Alexa, turn living room to warm” or “Alexa, make my bedroom cooler.”

Alexa allows you to access your Hue scenes along with making color changes. You could say some of the following commands:

“Alexa, turn the lights to tropical.”
“Alexa, set the bedroom to purple.”
“Alexa, turn my living room to green.”
“Alexa, turn the lights to firebrick.”

Within the Phillips Hue application, you’ll find endless possibilities open to you. Keep in mind not all bulbs will have the same capabilities. You will need to check out the specifications for each bulb before using the Alexa commands. For instance, not all bulbs have color changing options. The bulbs also come in all shapes and sizes such as floodlights, candle, light strip and traditional.


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