With technology continuing to advance, so have security cameras. Home security cameras have advanced technologically faster than ever before in the past few years. With remarkable capabilities at affordable prices, accessibility options have also increased. In the over-populated world of DIY (do-it-yourself) security cameras, it’s hard to stand out but Amazon makes a valid push with the Cloud Cam.

In terms of specs, the Amazon Cloud Cam is fitted with a 1080p HD video camera with a night mode. It also has a microphone and speaker to allow for two-way communication and a motion sensor to notify of any activity. The clips that get recorded can be accessed by the user through an app which allows for a day’s worth of footage to view. If 24 hours doesn’t seem like enough time to view stored footage, you can pay for additional storage through a monthly plan. This is fairly common for the DIY camera industry. A cloud-based storage system is seen as the safest option as compared to saving footage directly to an SD card on the camera which could be subject to theft. Don Reisinger of Fortune commented on the Cloud Cam pricing by stating,

“If you want long-term access to detecting people (rather than regular monitoring) or setting zones, and want to have unlimited video downloads, you’ll need to sign up for an Amazon service plan that starts at $7 monthly or $70 annually.”

The Amazon app is fairly easy to navigate for even the most unexperienced tech individual. It allows you to view through the camera with a live-feed, view and save old footage, as well as communicate with someone on the other side of the camera. This can be useful for several situations such as calming a pet may be nervously waiting at home alone or scaring off a potential burglar. In terms of price, Amazon’s Cloud Cam is comparable to other DIY indoor security cameras of similar caliber, although roughly $80 cheaper than the comparable Nest Indoor Cam.

Stand Out Feature

When comparing Amazon’s Cloud Cam to its DIY completion it definitely stands up amongst the best. However, its capabilities are relatively similar to other indoor cameras of similar price. The bestselling feature about this camera seems to be the compatibility with other Amazon products and alerts that will notify you of delivered packages. This feature is increasingly important for Amazon’s push of the Amazon Key. The Key allows Amazon delivery drivers to have access to enter your home to deliver a package, in an attempt to eliminate the threat of package theft. This concept has caused obvious concerns for costumers however but the Cloud Cam will notify you when the door is opened for the package and offer a live feed of the delivery.

DIY vs Professional Monitoring

Although the Cloud Cam doesn’t have any apparent problems in terms of a DIY indoor camera, the category itself has a bit of an issue. Security cameras are a great tool for home security but an unmonitored camera that limits re-watchable video storage depending on how much a customer will pay is actually no help at all. The desire to avoid unnecessary installation costs by setting up an easy system yourself is totally understandable but should not be the reason for avoiding a professionally monitored home security system. Thankfully, there is another option. Contact Protect America today to receive helpful information about properly securing your home. Leave the constant work of proper home security to the professionals, not your smart phone.