Over the past few months, Amazon has acquired a handful of companies with roots in the smart home industry. Amazon has taken these recent acquisitions and unified them to create a product that brings them together under a singular roof…your roof.

Amazon has recently launched a portal offering home security services in a rather quiet fashion. There are currently five service tiers being offered at a flat rate — that means no monthly service contracts, which continues Amazon’s tradition of disrupting the standard as they expand into the home security industry. Furthermore, each price tier includes all the equipment you will require to adequately surveil your home and an in-home visit from Amazon consultants to both advise and install the kit of your choosing.

Cost of Home Security via Amazon

The most budget-friendly option, the Outdoor base, runs $240 and includes an Echo Dot alongside indoor and outdoor lighting designed “to make it look like you’re home”. On the far end of the fiscal spectrum is the Smartest, which will set you back $840. The premier package includes an alarm siren, motion sensors, safety sensors, a camera, Echo Dot, video doorbell and outdoor lighting. It seems reasonable to presume previous security offerings from Amazon such as Amazon Key and Cloud Cam will carry over into the top level package.


Amazon’s Smart Home Services

There were whispers dating back to July 2017 that Amazon was quietly developing their own in-house version of Best Buy’s Geek Squad — offering repairs and installations of home WiFi, smart home devices, Alexa installations and other hardware-related services. Amazon neither confirmed nor denied such efforts, but said service seems to have officially taken form as Amazon’s “Smart Home Services” — which is currently offered in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Florida.


Providing consumers with the option of a more full-service home security offering—more than simply selling alarms and other third-party devices a la carte — makes sense for few reasons:

  1. While there are some early adopters who enjoy the challenge of installing these devices and services on their own, there are bound to be more middle and later adopters who are less inclined to find a similar pleasure in the face of a fresh learning curve.
  2. More often than not, home security systems are typically coupled with service installations in your home that include maintenance contracts. If Amazon aims to absorb some of that market, it is critical that they offer a comparable option.

Amazon’s youthful presence in the home security industry mirrors the company’s larger goal of providing services alongside physical products. This dual-nature business strategy is a surefire way to diversity business across the board by targeting different categories of commerce and various demographics. This service-oriented venture may seem oddly similar to Amazon Home Services, which was a marketplace launched back in 2015 for tradespeople and other freelance service providers. However, it is important to note that Amazon makes sure to point out that all home security services will be handled by Amazon employees.