America loves winners. When looking for a car, home, or almost anything, we prefer to have the best we can afford. Determining the best home security company, however, can be a little difficult. Ultimately, customers should do the research themselves to figure out which company works best to meet their needs without breaking their budget. Here’s a list of America’s best home security companies and what makes them great.

Protect America Home Security: Best Home Security Company Review

One of the nation’s largest home security companies, Protect America has been securing homes for over 20 years. Protect America offers wireless alarm systems that fits within any household budget while providing complete protection. Every home security system comes with enough security sensors to monitor every door and window on your home. Protect America wireless alarm systems even include a motion detector for enhanced security inside your home.

Perhaps the best reason to choose Protect America is the low cost. Other security providers charge for installation, activation, and equipment. Protect America gives a free wireless home security system to every customer that orders a monitoring solution. No hassles and the lowest guaranteed price in the home security industry. The other companies on this list can’t beat that!

Security Convergent Security Solutions: Home Security Company Review

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions is the second largest home security company in the U.S. Owned by tool manufacturing conglomerate Stanley Black and Decker, Stanley Convergent Security Solutions provides home security in addition to large commercial and government contracts. Like many larger home security companies, Stanley CSS only offers standard hardwired alarm systems that require professional installation and activation.

ADT: Home Security Company Review

Lets be honest, ADT isn’t anywhere close to the best company in home security but any list would be incomplete without them. As the largest home security provider in America (and the world), ADT has a presence in mind of average consumers unlike any other company in the industry. Unfortunately, ADT uses their position to unnecessarily charge customers for equipment, activation, and installation. Upfront costs for an ADT system can easily reach a thousand dollars. ADT security systems will also be hardwired, which involves drilling holes into the drywall of your home.