Angee is a crowd funded security system that gained over half a million dollars in pledges to launch it into production. It was fully funded within 60 days and started shipping shortly after that. The system uses a cylindrical base station with a 360 degree rotating camera as its base and square sized “security tags” that you stick to entry points around your home. They claim Angee to be a fully all-in-one autonomous home security system that can make decisions on its own.

New Subscription Model

Angee recently changed their policy from purchase to own to their new subscription based model where you essentially rent your system from them. The subscription model in a nutshell means that they retain ownership of the products while you rent them for a monthly fee.

Their terms of subscription services can be a little confusing but essentially, At the end of your subscription or upon cancellation, it is your responsibility to return the system to them within thirty days in their original condition, reasonable wear and tear excepted or they will charge you $349.00 “per product” regardless of fault.

So with Angee you never truly own their products and it’s likely that most of the products they ship out will be refurbished. The benefit of course is that you can get all of the equipment without paying a large sum all at once.

“We are very excited about the launch of our subscription service as we believe it is addressing the needs of millions of U.S. households looking for smart, plug & play security,” — Angee CEO Tomas Turek

Angee Cost History

When first released, the Angee security system cost $329 (excluding the early bird discounts) for the base and one security tag. Once the system reached the production phase the price rose to $430 for the base and just one security tag.

Angee came in a variety of different packages, but you can always buy more security tags in two-packs for $69 (roughly $35 a pop).

Since the security system would cost well over $400 per household, switching to the subscription model was definitely a strategic move. And note that the damaged product fee is closer to the original cost of the system at $349.00. The overall goal of the company would seem to by to offer security at a more affordable rate so that more people can protect their homes.

Angee Features

You might be wondering what makes the Angee so unique. Well, there are actually quite a few features that make this system stand out compared to other security systems.

Rotating Camera and Motion Sensors

One of the most important features of the Angee security system is its rotating camera. The camera is packed with HD resolution, night vision, two-way audio, a wide angle lens, and 360 degrees of visibility through rotation.

The Angee base has 6 built-in PIR sensors that can detect motion in any direction. If the base detects motion or sound in a direction, the camera will rotate to point toward the trigger and start recording. To narrow down the possibilities and to give you more control, the Angee has settings for setting and omitting “zones” so that your base will only record in areas that you choose.

Security Tags

The security tags are little puck shaped devices that you stick on doors and windows around you home. They detect motion using a gyroscope instead of the traditional two piece magnet based system, but what makes the security tags truly different than most other security systems is their proximity detection. The system can detect whether your cell phone is nearby when a door or window is opened and can assume it was you that opened the door or window. That means you don’t have to worry about disarming your system when you open a window for example. Just don’t forget your cell phone when you leave the house.


Better Options

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